Paul: Cindy McCain, battered wife???


…with all the other family drama, I wouldn’t be surprised.

For some reason I just don’t think that Obama would call his wife a “fucking cunt”, and I also don’t think that cast Cindy McCain’s been sporting lately is due to hand-shake induced carpel tunnel syndrome. Carpel tunnel may be legitimate is some cases, but I think it’s often used as a cover for something else. It’s like when people shake their baby to death and call it SIDS.

The McCain camp called it a “minor hand sprain”, it seems like in the middle of campaigning they wouldn’t put her arm in a sling for something like that. Especially since people already see her as a pain-pill addicted, namby-pamby rich bitch. Just saying…

In other McCain news, the Huffington Post has uncovered that in 1980, McCain’s mother sued his first wife Carol. The lawsuit was filed shortly after the couple divorced, a split that McCain now takes full responsibility for. McCain’s mom basically accused Carol of stealing items she ended up with after the divorce including an ’18th century Burmise Buddist Preist (Burmese Buddhist priest)’ valued by Roberta at $2,000, and a ‘Butlers Tray for Liquor’ she valued at $225.”  Rich people are stupid, though if you just added a flamboyant gay son, the lives of the McCain family would read more like a hilarious, campy soap opera.


1 Response to “Paul: Cindy McCain, battered wife???”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    August 22, 2008 at 11:01 am

    Some reporter should ask him the classic question, then:
    “When was the last time you beat your wife?”
    Well, it would be direct, anyway…

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