Jon: Prada Marfa…


…a time capsule that is superficially depressing and artistically enriching all at once!

 I have to say, I’m a little amazed that I am finding out about this fashion world inspired art project so many years after the fact. Conceptually, this project is right up my alley.

Prada Marfa is an piece of sculptural art created by German artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. It is located in the desert on a long desolate stretch of Highway 90 outside Marfa Texas. The 25X15 foot building was built in 2005, and is a realistic facsimile of other contempory Prada stores. In fact, once constructed it was fully stocked with the entire Fall 2005 line of women’s shoes and handbags.

This is no ordinary Prada store though. In fact, Prada Marfa has never opened. Once it was finished, the doors were locked and a “Closed” sign was put up. It has exsisted in permanent stasis ever since as a sort of time capsule, as well as a statement on extreme modern consumerism. As intended by the artists, no upkeep or repairs have been made to the structure. It will eventually degrade and be absorbed back into the surrounding desert.

What a surreal sight it must be for those who accidentally stumble upon all those sad, sad shoes slowly going out of style within what (by now) must be a graffiti covered, sun bleached shack….


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