KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Helium + Re. All Over Me

For the past few days I have been totally obsessed with Helium. I first saw a couple snips of their videos on Beavis n Butthead in the early 90’s. In high school they were one of my favorite formative bands. I remember listening to them over the rural backdrop of northwestern Pennsylvania as my family trekked to an extensive family reunion. Over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate their strong musicianship and song writing style

I was bored one night so I decided to teach myself some of their songs. One of which was “Hole In The Ground” which is featured on the queer-indie-iconicult classic, All Over Me. (Which Jon wrote about earlier this weekend claiming, “it is the movie that changed my life”. )… It sure hella changed my life too…

Here is a clip that probably gives up TMI:

(note: in the movie, Helium’s members are replaced by Leisha Haley whom you may recognize from The L Word or a very silly yogurt commercial)


1 Response to “KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Helium + Re. All Over Me”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    October 10, 2008 at 10:26 am

    I saw Helium at the Sleater-Kinney show I went to; why YES, it was insanely packed in there that night! I was frazzled that day from JURY DUTY (a whole ‘nother story), and was afraid I’d be late in meeting my friend and her step-daughter and friend coming up from Richmond to DC because of “deliberations” running late.
    Yeah, the show was Sleater-Kinney, Helium, and Thalia Zedek’s Come, so… it was insanely packed at the Black Cat that night. At the time, I think any single one of them could’ve headlined. It’s like the time in ’97 that I missed Teenage Fanclub, who were becoming one of my fave bands with Thirteen/ Grand Prix/Songs from Northern Britain, because it sold out. They were opening for… Radiohead. Same reason I missed Veruca Salt that year, but I forget who they opened for. I reeeally wish I’d seen Veruca Salt that year…
    A few months after my first Helium show, I did in fact see them headline at The Black Cat! …but I was out of sorts that night, and they played the exact same show, so I didn’t enjoy it as much. The one notable thing was… Flipside mag used to talk about guys who were “girl band geeks,” they would be at every girl band show, and I’d see this guy around DC at shows like Helium, The Red Aunts, Cold Cold Hearts, etc. and he was def a GBG, and… I think he was a little insane maybe too? He was at the Helium show in what looked like his pajamas and a house-robe (I don’t think that was the only show he was, either) and waving a big stuffed unicorn during the sets. Mary saw the unicorn and smiled.

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