KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Tragically UnHeard Of…Mattress

For the past few months, I have been using all of my music writing creativity for a local paper…. Recently, I attempted to write a semi-critical review of a local Portland artist, Mattress. Unfortunately, my words were edited in a way that made me sound like a big asshole in print. It certainly wasn’t my intention and half of my original piece was cut out….BOO!

Anyways, that is my “so so sorry note” and the original piece (half of which wasn’t even published):

“Watching Rex Marshall perform in his one man band, Mattress, sort of feels like watching someone try to pull off their favorite Joy Division tune at karaoke towards the brink of last call. This comparison isn’t to suggest that Marshall’s stage persona isn’t entertaining. His reckless flail certainly invites voyeuristic eyes. It’s just that occasionally the lines are blurred between his own innovation and paying musical homage to his idols and their legacy. Luckily, Marshall’s desperate baritone howl signals sincerity in his effective hair raising mantras. In a captivating tune called “El Dorado”, Marshall’s emotional authenticy reaches a resonant peak as he passionately blows into a discordant harmonica. Overall, I would definitely recommend a Mattress show over the karaoke underworld any day.”

Watch what I’m talking about:


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