For those of you who don’t know, the house mates of gaycondo have a gaggle of TV on DVD friends… One of our favorite groups of virtual pals include the cast of the L-Word. My favorite character on this show is Jenny Schector, the emotionally erratic writer with a dry wit and a knack for causing drama! Surprisingly, it turns out Jenny’s actress, Mia Kirshner, is a writer in real life!

Her first book, I Live Here, recollects the lives of displaced women and children in dangerous and corrupt parts of the world including Burma, Juarez, Mexico, Malawa, Africa and Ingushetia, Chechnya. Aided by a lengthy list of collaborators, the book has a visually stunning format featuring a variety of illustrative mediums including collage, photography, pencil compositions and comics.

Visit the official website, http://i-live-here.com to view visual samples from the book.

Unlike many actors who will hold a starving baby just for the press time, Kirshner’s motives in shining light upon inhumane living and social conditions around the world seem to be legit. She funded the project herself with her earnings from the L Word and has promised to donate the book’s royalties to Amnesty International. She has also created the I Live Here Foundation which will continue to tell the stories of marginalized people through media projects and creative writing programs organized within developing nations. Kirshner also states she plans to continue her humanitarian investigations and chronicle them in additional books within the I Live Here series.

To support the cause and raising awareness on displaced women and children, Mia Kirshner is doing a book tour. Last night she came to Portland to share these stories. I ended up video taping it*:

Watch some video from the Q&A session with a Portland audience

* Sorry for the brief bouts of shakiness. I definitely need to bring my tripod for taping hour long lectures


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