KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: a new Patti Smith Documentary, “Dream Of Life”, by Steven Sebring

I’m pretty sure everyone at gaycondo is in love with Patti Smith. While I am a relatively new Patti Smith fan (Jon urges me to listen to her circa early 2007), a couple of her albums have changed my perception of the innovation that occurred during the late 70’s.

My favorite albums include The Patti Smith Group’s Radio Ethiopia, Horses (duh) and Gone Again. I like all of these albums because they are emotionally resonant, instrumentally diverse and take chances in expressing oneself through the psychedelic layering of spoken word. Seeing Patti Smith live for the first (and currently only) time in summer of 2007 is one of my all time favorite live concert going experiences.

That being said, I hope at least one of us can get away from work or the overhanging cloud of the election to catch Steven Sebring’s documentary on Smith, Dream Of Life, at Cinema 21 this week.

The documentary film has been recognized by several international film festivals – including Sundance – and delves into the public, political, artistic and private life of Patti Smith, narrated through her own words and performances…


Hopefully, the actual documentary will be more captivating…

Sebring’s documentary also appears in paper form as a book sharing the same title. It acts as an accompaniment to the film and boasts 429 pages of unpublished photographs, intimate and artistic quotes. It also includes Smith’s own polaroids and photographs that previously remain unpublished.


Learn more about Dream Of Life on its official site: www.dreamoflifethemovie.com


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