Jon: Some new looks from Marloes ten Bhömer…….

I was recently inspired, by way of my favorite fashion blogs, Rip it to Shreds, to check in on beloved dutch shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer. Long time Gaycondo readers might remember a profile I did on her several months ago (which upon re-reading, I must say was really well written. Go me!). Well, she is still up to the same post-modernist tricks. Though these shoes are obviously impractical to say the least, I think they have a real sculpturally artistic value. I would totally put these on a shelf in my home…


mtb3Materials: Leather
Study that explores the possible formal qualities when producing “Noheelsshoe” in rotating mould. Rotational moulding is a process in which a negative mould is filled with a small amount liquid and as the mould starts to rotate, this material solidifies against the inner walls of the mould, forming a shell, a hollow form.


Materials: Vegetable tanned leather and carbon fibre
Sections of vegetable tanned leather, pre-formed on a variety of shoe lasts (mould that is shaped in the form of an abstracted foot), are cut and assembled to create a fractured shoe. Even though its form is distorted, one can still recover the shapes of the lasts that the parts were constructed on initially.


 Materials: Leather and stainless steel
The MARLOESTENBHÖMER™ leather-mâché technique is a leather laminating technique. Bluemâchéshoe traces the silhouette form of the foot on the inside, but diffuses the silhouette form of the foot on the outside.

To see more, check out Marloes ten Bhomer’s website…


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