KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Best Albums of 2008


This year has been soooo exciting for music!!!

So after days of careful consideration and excessive undecided verdicts I have decided to post all of my favorite albums of 2008 without putting them in any sort of hierarchy.

thekills_midnightboomTHE KILLS :: MIDNIGHT BOOM
I have been madly in love with the Kills all year. In an interview they had mentioned they wanted to create a record that really captured the spirit of 2008. Maybe that’s why I am so hooked. Midnight Boom is clearly The Kills most polished record but not so much that they lose their edge. All of the songs have a glitzy indie radio friendly feel yet the underlying content is very dark.

Listen to “What New York Used To Be” //

santogold-coverSANTOGOLD :: SANTOGOLD
This record snuck into my life at the last moment. It is an incredible debut for Santogold. The diversity of this record is what makes it so unique. Fans of many different types of music will enjoy this record since it features indie, punk, hip hop and even a bit of reggae oriented vibes. Every song seems like it could be the single until the next track plays. Perhaps Santi White is right when she urges you to throw out your music collection and simply buy this record.
Listen to “My Superman”: //

thedodos-visiterTHE DODOS :: VISTER
This has to be one of the most well written and darkly beautiful albums of the year! The Dodos are an acoustic based duo from the bay area. Together they create a vivid juxtaposition between stark simplicity and unruly psych-folk horizons that seem to be bigger than themselves. In fact, guitarist, Meric Long, and percussionist, Logan Kroeber, accompany each other as one composer, keeping each other on their toes. What is so intriguing about this record is how you can notice something small each time you listen. Normally, I don’t place a heavy focus on lyrics but The Dodos manage to catch my attention with clearly annunciated words that tends to put me in a very present and introspective mood.
Listen to “Paint The Rust”: //

ALINA SIMONE :: EVERYONE IS CRYING OUT TO ME, BEWARE! Brooklyn songstress, Alina Simone, pays tribute to her musical hero, Yanka Dyagileva, in this chilling collection of covers. Sung entirely in Russian, Simone captures the spirit of Yanka – an underground Russian poet/songwriter who tragically died in 1991 – through sparse arrangements slowed down with an Eastern European flair.
Listen to “Up To The Knees” //

radiohead_inrainbowsRADIOHEAD :: IN RAINBOWS
Yeah, yeah, I know: Duh, right? While Radiohead’s latest effort is not the most surprising choice for a “best of 2008” list can you blame me for putting it on my own?
Listen to “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”: //

Adrienne Hatkin and her doledrum gypsy-folk entourage released their long awaited debut on Stereotype Records. The seven song EP flips between jagged indie rock reminiscent of Dry-era PJ Harvey and showcasing Hatkin’s accordian skills which she has toned busking on the streets of Portland.
Listen to “Dogs For Cats” //

PODUNK NOWHERE :: BASED ON A TRUE STORY San Diego’s Podunk Nowhere releases their stunning sophomore release with a polished alternative jam, Based On A True Story. The married duo’s songs touch on genres such as blue grass, country and good ole fashioned rock n roll. Combining explicit passionate vocal work and honest lyrics with impressive musicianship, this record is sure to strike a chord deep within yourself and make you sit down a get a little bit introspective.
Listen to “Given”: //

AGENT RIBBONS :: …AND THE STAR CROSSED DOPPLEGANGER Sacramento’s Agent Ribbons brand of garage rock storytelling takes on a sinister Grimms-esque turn with their two song 7″. A perfect gift for your sardonic 8 year old! The duo experiments with quirky accompanying instrumentation (think screetching violins and glockenspiels) while maintaining their charming minimalism. Get it quick as Agent Ribbons is continually blowing up! This limited edition collector’s 7″ which features cool mint green vinyl and stellar artwork by thee Dame Darcy.
Listen to “That’s Not Edgar’s Heart”: //

SWALLOWS :: LOUD MACHINES Just like Christmas tree tinsel, I realize it is tacky to list your own record in your “Best Of” list! But wait! Let me explain! This record is a remix of Swallows songs….thus it’s like I’m celebrating the work of others, right? Anyways, call me lady narcissus if you will but this record is truly a treat for those who enjoy remix culture. Various remixers and programmers around the country transformed Swallows typically rock sound into sweaty gay dance party anthems or experimental revisions of the original songs to release your inner diva.
Listen to “Language is Restless (Y-TRON’s Electro Insomnia Remix)” // [DOWNLOAD ALBUM FOR FREE]


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