Paul: Bush (almost) Gets a Shoe in the Face


If you’re going to make such a grand and risky gesture, dont miss! Seriously though, somebody in that room had to speak up. They can’t all just sit acquescently sit by recording this bullshit photo op. The shoe thrower was just saying what everyone else was thinking, and if he hadn’t made a scene no one would have reported on him saluting himself for his last press conferemce,  acting like a hero and friend of Iraq… And the way he smirked!!!


1 Response to “Paul: Bush (almost) Gets a Shoe in the Face”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    December 17, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Well, we’ve had bomb-throwing anarchists,
    then pie-throwing anarchists;
    why not shoe-throwing anarchists?

    I would have PREFERRED a pie (not necessarily a bomb),
    but seeing as sneaking in a pie (or a bomb) would have
    proven difficult, shoes it is.

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