Jon: It’s an abomination (Obama-nation!)…

I remember during the election debates getting the sneaking feeling that Obama maybe didn’t actually love us gay folk. He just didn’t seem to feel any sort of moral outrage about queer rights issues. Of course, when I verbalized this to the rest of Gaycondo, they told me I was crazy.

Now that he has chosen Rick Warren for his Invocation, I feel like all of his speeches in which he mentioned gay rights were simply pandering to the liberals whose vote he knew he would need to win.

I’m not quite ready yet to say “I told you so”, we’ll just have to see what Obama does once he is actually President.


1 Response to “Jon: It’s an abomination (Obama-nation!)…”

  1. 1 Bill
    January 2, 2009 at 3:23 pm


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