Jon: Missoni Pre-Fall 2009…

Believe it or not, it is now time for many of the big fashion houses to debut their pre-fall 2009 collections. The images are slowly beginning to trickle onto the internet, and at this point it’s mostly only women’s wear that is available to view.

Unfortunately, so far there has not been much to be excited about. The vast majority of designers are sending models down the runway in boring, overly feminine, ruffley, hour-glass dresses that look as though they are torn from the pages of a pattern making 101 text book or maybe an Anthropologie calalog from 2004. I’m ok with feminine, but I hate hate hate women’s wear that has zero edge and looks like it is maybe most appropriate at a sweet sixteen party.

So far there has been only one shining star of the Pre-Fall collections, which for me has been a bit of a sleeper hit label. I have of course been aware of Missoni for several years now, but have never taken much notice of them until this season. I have always thought of them as “that brand with the zig-zag knit stuff and matching sweater sets…*yawn*”.
I absolutely love their new designs though. I think this is the perfect example of how looks can be designed with a wholly feminine aesthetic without pandering to some out dated sense of female fragility… Normally I mostly only fall head over heels for women’s wear that is a little dykey and is probably something I would wear if they made it in my size (I’m still waiting on those jodhpurs), but I can totally get behind designer Angela Missoni’s vision, even if it lacks the queer aesthetic I would normally hope for. 
Ranked below are my four favorite looks from the collection with a few thoughts on each:

1.) Omg. It’s like Rei Kawakubo and Jil Sander had a love-child and wrapped it in a Missoni blanket from 1996. I love the matching gloves and tights. Now all she needs is a creepy coordinating  knit bondage mask ( I kid, I kid…)

2.) That blouse is amazing. I love the way the graphic pattern just slightly does not allign along the front closures, creating a startling, seemingly mathematical effect. This theme is mimiced in the styling of the jacket and skirt, which is fantastic as well.

3.) Wierd hippie/flapper/tribal/star trek dress? Sure, why the hell not…

4.) Ok, yes, I agree… This one is styled just a smidge like it was torn from the pages of a Lucky magazine….but…it’s kind of…texture…you know?


3 Responses to “Jon: Missoni Pre-Fall 2009…”

  1. 1 Nickey Robo
    December 26, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Admit it Jon, you love texture, texture everywhere! Especially fur. And kitties.

  2. 2 The Bearded Traveler
    December 31, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    I think these outfits look too… ya know, if I saw one by itself,
    okay, but seeing all four, and how they all kinda look similar…
    and they look like someone knitted them all for their daughter.
    I’m just getting this bad vibe of someone sitting down and knitting
    a whole wardrobe.
    I’m picturing a matching tea cosy.

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