Jon: New Jersey Gay Man Takes Down eHarmony…

Eric McKinley, a gay man living in New Jersey, won a recently settled legal battle with online matchmakers eHarmony.com. In 2005, McKinley filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the online dating service. It turns out that the $50 a month sevices provided by eHarmony are only available to heterosexualo clients. It also turns out that the company is owned by an evangelical christian conservative.

McKinley’s victory not only got him a $5ooo settlement, it has also legally forced eHarmony to create a gay online dating service if they wante to continue their $165 million a year business. Compatable Partners,  eHarmony’s yawn inducingly named new queer dating service, will premier in March of 2009.

The full story is available online from the Pasadena Weekly.

I have to admit that I have some what mixed feeling about this story. I am happy that a company that is clearly anti-queer is getting a legal sucker-punch, but I also think that this lawsuit impedes on the rights of the private sector in a way that is potentially dangerous.



1 Response to “Jon: New Jersey Gay Man Takes Down eHarmony…”

  1. 1 The Bearded Traveler
    December 28, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    Yeah, it’s not like there aren’t other dating sites*. DON’T get me wrong- I think
    eHarmony kinda sucks for that, BUT now they’re SUING them to provide a GOOD, or
    preferably GREAT, private service that the owner has a philosophical problem
    with DOING in the first place, so how much QUALITY do you think there’s gonna be
    in the service provided?
    If it’s the government, they have to be equal. Businesses, yeah, it’s tough. They can
    kinda give you whatever service they do or don’t want.

    This is, to me, the complication with employment non-discrimination. Do you want to sue
    for the right to work where you’re hated? Ya know? I guess it make sense to just sue for
    a settlement instead.

    *Then again, dunno where a really great queer dating site is, especially for
    genderqueers, pansexuals, trans people…

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