Paul: Laser Bike Lanes…



I can’t decide whether this is a clever idea or Sharper Image-esque yuppie junk. I mean, if you are riding at night  you want drivers to look at you, not stare at the road around you. I suppose for a driver who has never seen this before the novelty of it would draw their attention more than a normal bike light, but I am not really sure how much better it is than a normal bike light.

I have personally never had any issues riding around Portland at night. I find that when coming to an intersection I actually feel a bit more confidant at night, especially on the less heavily trafficked residential streets I normally ride. If a car is coming at night they’ll have their lights on, so you’ll know it a lot sooner than you would during the daytime. I have never been one to wear reflective neon, though. If somebody hits my ass they better have some good insurance.

As far as I can tell the laser lane is just a concept at this point. I don’t know if it will ever make it to the market because the legal grey area. I am sure as soon as somebody with these got hit there’d be a huge battle over whether the light qualifies as a legitimate bike lane.


1 Response to “Paul: Laser Bike Lanes…”

  1. 1 embrownlowe
    January 30, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    i dig it – then you wouldnt have to buy a bike light

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