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Jon: “Poladroid” is the best waste of time (and computer memory) ever!

As many of you probably already know, Polaroid stopped producing film for it’s instant cameras last year. This is most likely a resultĀ of all the new ways in which instant gratification pictures can now be created (cell phone, digital cameras), causing people to no longer need the kitchy, fun, and (unfortunately) expensive polaroid devices of their youth…

Luckily, a new computer application called Poladroid has popped up allowing users to create startlingly real looking polaroids from there digital photos. Normally, I wouldn’t download something like this, but I decided to give it a shot. It was totally worth it. The program functions exactly like a real polaroid camera, forcing you to wait a minute or two for your picture to “develope”. Anyway, go waste some time and download Poladroid now!

Here is a polaroid I made of myself and Nickey from the Sam Adams rally.

And yes, that is the beard…almost.



KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE : Obama Poster Artist in Legal Trouble

Tonite’s “GIVE ME AN EFFING BREAK” goes to this news story on the Yahoo homepage

I’m sure many of you have seen Los Angeles based street artist, Shepard Fairey’s work in a variety of mediums… The artist made his work known to the general public in a Che Guevara-esque portrait of Obama which has since been printed on tee shirts, stickers and posters and had been used to raise money for the Obama campaign. Fairey’s work was based on an image he found on Google which was originally printed in the Associated Press.

Obama Poster

Now, after such a historic election, people are bidding thousands of dollars on EBay for original posters with the print. The design will even be featured in the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston

Such high monetary demand made the Associated Press bring out their fancy suit lawyers stating Fairey didn’t license the image and that they deserve a cut of the profits.

This is just another greedy control game played by corporations that are holding on to the very thin strands of corporate enterprise vs artistic expression. Clearly, the photo was “inspired” by someone/thing the artist looked at – as most portraits are….

What’s next? A farmer suing a painter for making a painting of his barn?

If you ask me, I think the graphic representation of Obama holds a different expression…. more optimistic and approachable than the photograph.


Jon: Crazy TMNT lady….

…I find the second video oddly calming.

Got any good leads?

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