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Jon: Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2009…

I may have to re-evaluate my prior statement about the pre-fall collections in which I declared Missoni to be my favorite. At that point visionary designer Nicholas Ghesquiere had not yet let loose his newest stylings for pre-fall, which are hopefully an indicator of an amazing full fall collection yet to come.

I have to admit it, but since his breathtaking Fall 2007 runway show I have been feeling a little let down by Ghesquiere’s choices for Balenciaga. The past few collections have been far to cold, sterile, and hard edged. Not to mention, kind of unwearable. In addition, Ghesquiere had appeared to have given up on his popular menswear inspired aethetic, opting for (what to me) was an awkward forced intirpretation of femininity.

I am happy to say though, that I am very very jealous of you ladies out there who have a chance to get your hands on the following pre-fall designs. If only Balenciaga and Ghesquire would have the intuition to re-interpret these looks for men as well…. Not that I would be able to afford any of it, but I boy can dream.


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Jon: Amazing homemade Trader Joe’s jingle….

The residents of Gaycondo, much like other city dwellers of a certain age, tend to buy what is most likely an unreasonable amount of our “groceries” at Trader Joe’s. I would explain what Trader Joe’s is if I didn’t already know that the majority of you are currently in the same boat as us. What adult in the 20-35 age bracket isn’t already absurdly well versed in the almost entirely appetizer driven beheameth that is Trader Joe’s?

Anyway, I’m sure you will all find an uneasy connection to the sentiments in this soon-to-go-viral video…

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