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Paul: Beau Breedlove to Pose Nude…


Well, well. Portland’s favorite little daddy-chaser is going to bear all in the May issue of Unzipped. I would take this opportunity to talk shit about how irresponsible he is being and how this certainly doesn’t help the mayor move past the fiasco and do the work that needs to be done. If I did that I’d be a total hypocrite because I am totally going to look at the pictures. Perhaps I am more able to separate what Adams does in the bedroom from what he does in City Hall, but I want to see what all the barely-legal fuss is about. I have a feeling it’ll be a let down, but we’ll see.

 Don’t sleep with 18 year-olds people. I am sure Sam would tell you that as fun as it sounds they aren’t worth all the trouble.


Paul: Fast Food Not So Pretty In Person…

This is hardly surprising but fast food generally bears little resemblance to what you see in the ads.



This crap also seems to sound and taste better when you’ve been drinking. To see more nasty examples click here…

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