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Jon: I don’t usually write about music…

…though obviously I, just like everyone else, am pretty obsessed with the stuff. The main reason is that between Paul and Em, the topic is pretty well covered here at Gaycondo. When it comes to the subject of art though, I take care of most of the posting.

We strive for variety.

So, in lieu of doing a straight forward music post, I thought I’d share with you two projects that inhabit the space where music and visual art connect. The first, a music video, represents the format most visual artists take when interpretting music. The video for Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up” is a perfect example of how a great video doesn’t have to nexist for the music, but instead can travel alongside it. Director Martin de Thurah has created a work of art which, at it’s heart, does not need it’s soundtrack to derive value. I love the conceptual intersection it creates betwen modern suburbanism and shamanistic spiritualism. The protaganist seems to be posessed, creating her ritualistic costume from Converse and dish rags. This dramatic and dark portrayal of the secretly magical lives of fictional suburbanites reminds me a lot of the work created by famed photographer Gregory Crewdson. However, where Crewdson’ images usually seemed to place their characters on the cusp of disaster, “When I Grow Up” offers a more hopeful, redemptive, and self empowered solution.

Here is the awesome video for Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up”

Artist Alyssa Pheobus takes a very different approach in responding to music visually. She “samples” the lyrics to songs in (very) large scale drawings. Where many artists would complete this task by illustrating what the words are saying through figurative portrayal, Pheopbus instead relies on the shape and arrangement of the words to evoke emotional resonance.

Below is a photograph of her drawing titled “Good Woman”, which is inspired by and samples the Cat Power song of the same name. For more of her work, head over to her website.



Paul: I am sooooooo glad I’m gay…


…(and not a toal moron) thanks to this new blog.

Why the Fuck Do You Have a Kid?





Paul: Obamas to pay for White house renovations out of their own pockets…


…Does this mean they can do whatever they want???


It certainly is admirable that they aren’t going to use tax-payer dollars allotted for new Presidents to make renovations. There are also numerous historical societies that make donations to buy things to furnish the house. For instance, $74,000 was donated for Laura Bush to buy china. I am sure that money must come with some stipulations, but can the Obamas redecorate any way they see fit? I mean, if they’re using their own money who is going to stop them?

I can just imagine all the gawdy crafts and ugly wallpaper there would be if my Stepmother were in Michelle’s position. I would totally put up some dirty Robert Mapplethorpe prints. I think that the Obama’s should make everything sleek and modern. At the very least they should do something a little bit different and subversive. As the very first non-white residents, and the first with urban roots in ages, they need to leave their mark….

Perhaps a fresh coat of black paint?


Paul: Music Video Monday


Bat for Lashes – What’s a Girl to Do




I work next to a game store at a mall. Apparently, today was the release of a new Pokemon game and two dozen teenagers in full on Pokemon/Anime attire filled the mall to celebrate. japan6

For whatever reason, seeing these teens set themselves up for potential ridicule made me slightly nostalgic for high school obsessions and hobbies in general. Everyone has something they’re passionate about and if it means dressing up like a cute Japanese street kid than so be it!

I’m pretty ignorant to games all together but apparently the kids are pretty serious about their favorite gaming characters.

Just look at this total baby dyke explain how her Pokemon costume comes together:

Wow, what a complex hobby! I send this gal the best of luck in finding an equally Pokemon obsessed first gf by the time Halloween rolls around.


Jon: Target Women- “Snapped”…


Gaycondo super friend and occasional guest blogger Nickey Robare is going to be meeting (!!!) Target Women creator Sarah Haskins (!!!!!!!) this week at a conference in NYC. She is going to (attempt) to be Gaycondo’s first news correspondent by scoring an interview with Haskin’s for the blog.

If you could all cross your fingers right……..about………………………….NOW!…………………. it would be fantastic.


Jon: Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky’s “Die Dritte Natur”…

Dutch artist Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky’s digital photo series, “Die Dritte Natur” intrigues not only by it’s discussion of modern man’s percieved relationship with nature, but also by the way it (quite literally) frames the argument.

Each of the images that makes up “Die Dritte Natur” contain an awkward lump of digitally added flora. These additions to the image seem so out of place and oddly shapen that they immediately seem to exist  more as a screen to cover up something else that was originally present in the picture. It is easy to take a leap of faith and determine that since the chosen eraser is defined by it’s naturalness, that the thing it is blotting out is defined by it’s lack of naturalness. Kovacovsky appears to be removing the presence of human intervention from these images.

What is most interesting however is that she chooses to not make this gesture a light handed one. She is not attempting to alter these images secretely. The artifice present in  these pieces is meant to be immediately recognizable. This is achieved not only by constructing her natural “erasers” out of graphic pieces that do not mesh with there surroundings, but also by making the choice to leave the computer screen windows from the photo editing software present to frame the work.

Upon first viewing,  it seems that Kovacovsky is stating that man should remove it’s mark on nature by refraining from physically altering it. However, the deeper meaning in these works seems to question the vaery validity of our definition of “natural”. By taking part in the act of defining what is and is not “nature”, man is already acting upon it . Simply by giving it this qualification, Kovacovsky seems to say that we are removing the inherint state of nature away from it.

For more images from Eva Fiore Kovacovsky, click here.



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