Paul: All Those Cheetos and High-Fructose Corn Syrup finally caught up with K-fed..

…How does a person let this happen to themselves???


I guess he’s reached an age where putting on a few pounds is forgivable and perhaps inevitable, but the Wal-Mart clothes are unacceptable. I don’t get it, it can’t be for an acting part or anything – he’s Kevin Federline. Has he done anything other than father Britney’s celebu-spawn? Jon always thought he was genetically attractive before – just douchey and poorly styled. I disagree, looking back there was always a fat person screaming to come out.

And before all you politically-correct people out there pounce on me for being fat-phobic, it’s not about that. A few extra pounds can work if it’s not apparent that you’ve totally just decided to dress like a slob and let yourself go. For example, Alec Baldwin is still a total fox… I wouldn’t turn him away even though he’s a bit tubby. Kevin Federline is raking in thousands a week in child support, he can afford to look  a little less un-fuckable.

btw, is that a burrito he’s holding???


1 Response to “Paul: All Those Cheetos and High-Fructose Corn Syrup finally caught up with K-fed..”

  1. March 5, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    a) c’mon paul, don’t kid yourself. this was hella fat-phobic. He may be getting a lot of money in child support, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough to pay the personal trainers and chefs he probably once had keeping him svelte. He’s also the primary guardian of his children, so it may just be that he’s too busy parenting to go to the gym or whatever. Or maybe not, maybe he has just “let himself go”… But, ultimately, it’s his body and it’s his own choice to do whatever he wants with it, just like anyone else. And just because you think some fat people are attractive doesn’t make this post not fat-phobic. If someone wrote a similar post about a queer person, you would (rightly) call it homophobic. By writing things like this you are contributing to a culture in which it is acceptable to say cruel things and judge people based solely on their body.
    b) that is CLEARLY not a burrito.

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