Programming Note: The girls are gone, mostly…

Em (Keep it on the Brownlowe) and Beth (who hardly ever  posted anyway) have left Gaycondo…


….in the physical sense that is. As you may or not know, Gaycondo is not only a blog, but a three dimensional real life Condo we all shared as well. The girls have decided to move into their own fancy digs across town, but don’t worry: they will still be regular writers here once they are settled into their new (lesbian) house.

They recently finished moving the last of their things out… but it looks like they accidentally left a few things behind. We took a peek at their former kitchen “junk drawer”. You know the type, everyone has one. Here’s what their’s looks like:


But what is all that shit???  Let’s take a closer look…


Apparently the girls have been leading secret alternate lives as tough ass, knife wielding, gambling, motorcylce dykes. Who incidentally also have soft skin and know how to fight off a cold….


  1. Expired oscillococcinum (it’s like Airborn, but all natural)
  2. cigarette rolling machine
  3. ultra clarity eye-glass cleaner (half used)
  4. strange white powder from Whole Foods (that looks like coke)
  5. “West Coast Choppers” zippo lighter (broken)
  6. shitty Cricket phone (broken)
  7. big-ass knife (dangerous)
  8. one single die (is that singular for dice?)
  9. electric stirrer from Ikea (lazy)
  10. unopened box of seasoned skewers (ten ginger mango and ten coconut lime!)
  11. unopened box of Jack Daniel’s playing cards (made in the USA)
  12. Zand (???)  brand cough drops
  13. Asian pear and red tea body lotion (travel size)

1 Response to “Programming Note: The girls are gone, mostly…”

  1. 1 EM
    March 22, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    WHAT! I totally dont remember that photo being taken..
    and i have no idea what that electronic stirrer is….

    nor do i have recollection of those flavored skewers but they will be perfect for our first bbq!

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