Jon: I don’t usually write about music…

…though obviously I, just like everyone else, am pretty obsessed with the stuff. The main reason is that between Paul and Em, the topic is pretty well covered here at Gaycondo. When it comes to the subject of art though, I take care of most of the posting.

We strive for variety.

So, in lieu of doing a straight forward music post, I thought I’d share with you two projects that inhabit the space where music and visual art connect. The first, a music video, represents the format most visual artists take when interpretting music. The video for Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up” is a perfect example of how a great video doesn’t have to nexist for the music, but instead can travel alongside it. Director Martin de Thurah has created a work of art which, at it’s heart, does not need it’s soundtrack to derive value. I love the conceptual intersection it creates betwen modern suburbanism and shamanistic spiritualism. The protaganist seems to be posessed, creating her ritualistic costume from Converse and dish rags. This dramatic and dark portrayal of the secretly magical lives of fictional suburbanites reminds me a lot of the work created by famed photographer Gregory Crewdson. However, where Crewdson’ images usually seemed to place their characters on the cusp of disaster, “When I Grow Up” offers a more hopeful, redemptive, and self empowered solution.

Here is the awesome video for Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up”

Artist Alyssa Pheobus takes a very different approach in responding to music visually. She “samples” the lyrics to songs in (very) large scale drawings. Where many artists would complete this task by illustrating what the words are saying through figurative portrayal, Pheopbus instead relies on the shape and arrangement of the words to evoke emotional resonance.

Below is a photograph of her drawing titled “Good Woman”, which is inspired by and samples the Cat Power song of the same name. For more of her work, head over to her website.



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