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Completely by coincidence, I happened to google local film maker Andy Blubaugh to see what he was up to. Apparently I am psychic or something, because today just happened to be the day when he posted on-line the first trailer for his upcoming film The Adults in the Room. Not only does this look to be one of Blubaugh’s most provocative films to date, it is also going to be his first feature length. Blubaugh has been one of my absolute favorite local film makers for a while now, and I am totally excited to see what type of mojo he can work when given a larger pallet to paint on.

Blubaugh’s films largely focus on autobiographical narratives that unfold through unconventional and postmodern methods. From what I gather on the official site for The Adults in the Room, the film is going to examine the dynamics of Blubaugh’s first romantic relationship; a relationship he had with a 30 year old man when he was still in High School. Where a more conventional film maker might tell this story wholly through scripted and edited acting, Blubaugh has instead chosen to go in a different direction. The film appears to tells it’s story through a combination of performed narrative as well as interviews with prominent thinkers (*swoon* Dan Savage) about the implications and social realities of such a relationship. To make things even more meta-rific, the film is also going to analyze the emotional and intellectual roller coaster of Blubaugh’s experience in making the film. That’s right, Adults in the Room is also going to be a documentary elements about the making of itself.
I think the currently topical relevance of this subject can do nothing but help the film succeed. Here’s hoping that Andy Blubaugh will come out in favor of our Mayor, but either way I’m sure his analysis of the whole Sam Adams thing will be worth taking in.
So, here is the ridiculously pre-mature trailer that Blubaugh put together using mostly dialogue from the script as read by actors during auditions:
ps: Why am I not best friends with Blubaugh yet?
Dear Andy: Let’s go get drinks sometime!

1 Response to “Jon: Andy Blubaugh’s first feature length film…”

  1. May 27, 2009 at 1:43 am

    Hi there. That is for your kind words about my film. Let’s get that drink.

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