Paul: George Tiller killed…


… I have been trying to aviod politics lately, but the murder of Kansas abortion provider has really shaken me. I understand that people have very complicated views about abortion but in my opinion Tiller was a hero. He continued to perform late-term abortions in spite of anti-abortion groups targeting him for decades and inflicting what can only be called domestic terrorism.  His clinic was bombed in the 80’s, he was shot in both arms, and the threats against he and his family were so bad he often wore a bullet proof vest in public.

Late term abortions in this country happen when it is medically necessary, and for fear of their safety there are hardly any Doctors who will provide them. Before today if you lived in Portland and needed a late term abortion Tiller’s Wichita clinic was the closest place you could get one. In spite of what people think about abortions, the procedures that Dr. Tiller performed were lawful and saved a lot of women’s lives.


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