KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Show Review: Bat For Lashes + Hecuba


Last night’s Bat for Lashes show was quite the happening!

bothusSMFirst off, a weird avante guarde electro band – presumably from Los Angeles – under the moniker HECUBA opened up the show.

They sort of reminded me of what might happen if the Kills took some mystery pills with Yoko Ono.

Their stage presence was memorable and bizarre – the woman owned a questionable post-hip mullet flopping down as she slithered across the stage looking like a chameleon in a scaley black and white onesy. [you can watch a rather disturbing video of her wearing this jumpsuit here]

Meanwhile, the gentleman girated furiously against his bass to pre-recorded beats occasionally slapping a crash cymbal with his raw hands.

At times it was difficult to determine if HECUBA’s image was the product of too many high art classes or if they were making a mockery of such a scene. Needless to say, I was thrilled to discover a band who dare risk either catagorization and bought their LP.

After Hecuba finished their set the crowd waited…and waited…and waited for Bat For Lashes to take the stage. At least there were kitschy props to look at… Vintage lamps, eerily glowing baby doll twins, scattered Christmas lights. However, the suspense was well worth it as Natasha Khan and her three person crew took the stage and launched into a very momentous set. The drummer, a toned small framed woman, pounded out orchestral beats infusing classical strikes of a timpani with snappy electro break beats.

Natasha Khan’s costume was a modge-podge of high wasited black jeans, black gloves and a which made her take on the role of a court jester / sad clown mixed with the late 80’s ballad crossing over to big haired 90’s pop. I was unfamiliar with most of her new material but Khan and her musical entourage executed it with skill and precision. Such a performance justifies and deserves the glut of hype behind their latest album, Two Suns.

To satisfy the craving of long time fans, Bat For Lashes played a few oldies off their astounding debut.

Watch Natasha Khan perform “Prescilla” solo on harpsichord:


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