Hello everyone! Everyday at Gaycondo is a gay day but this weekend Portland will celebrate it’s annual summer gay pride celebrations…

Pride festivals sort of lost meaning for me after the climax of seeing Pat Benetar and Berlin at Long Beach Pride when I was in high school – and Portland’s pride always seems to be sorta lame compared to larger cities (and one can argue that every day in Portland’s liberal atmosphere is a gay pride parade) – but that won’t stop folks from getting their gay on!


There are tons of events and parties going on in town but I look forward to seeing Leisha Haley (of L Word fame) rock out for free on Saturday’s waterfront in her pop band, Uh Huh Her… Other noteable gay lady acts include Felina’s Arrow and Emily Herring.

Speaking of Alice (ahem, Leisha Haley) a gay birdie flapped her lips saying that Haley’s “people” called Portland’s only lesbian bar, The Egyptian Club (otherwise known as the “E-Room”) to inform them that the lesbo heart throb may be stopping by Friday evening to check out the scene… Fact or fiction or a way to pull in a crowd to the E-Room? Only you will find out!

If the potential celeb siting of a L Word cast member doesn’t sway your decision in checking out the E-Room tonite perhaps the ever so popular gay reel ‘m in trick of offering 5 vodka drinks for 5 bucks will…


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