Jon: Seven Inch Saturday!

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Comet Gain- “KRS Mailorder Freaks” (1998)


In 1998 and 1999 Kill Rock Stars (my absolute favorite label at the time) undertook a really awesome project called The Mailorder Freaks Club. The idea was simple but ingenious: Every month they would put out a limited edition (2000 copies) 7″ which would then be sent to every member of the club. You couldn’t buy them separately. You had to be a member. Essentially, they were getting a whole bunch of investors to pony up $50 at the beginning of the year in order to cover the production cost of making the future records. Brilliant! At the time I was 15 years old and $50 seemed like a lot of money to me. So, though I regret it to this day, I never actually joined.

The up side though was that I grew up near one of the best used record stores in the country. Members of the Mailorder Freaks club were always selling the 7″s they got but didn’t like. I would check in at the store at the end of every month, and frequently would get lucky. That’s how I ended up discovering British rock band Comet Gain

At the time, I was mostly only listening to queercore, riot girl, and punk music (and *embarrassed sigh* ani difranco). When I heard the guitar part and vocal melodies of the first track (If I Had a Soul) from this 7″, the British retro style sounded like nothing I had ever heard before. I immediately mail ordered everything I could find from them. Though I realize now that they are fairly referential song writers, even their oldest recordings still feel refreshingly modern. 


1.) If I Had a Soul

2.)He Walked by Night

3.)The Brothers Off The Block


1 Response to “Jon: Seven Inch Saturday!”

  1. 1 Chris
    July 17, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    I saw them back then…. 1998? I believe the
    bill had Huggy Bear, The Peachees, and someone elssse.

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