Paul: 7″ Saturday…


Hazel – Heida (candyass records, 1992)


Hazel was the quintessential 90’s Portland band.  They formed in the height of the grunge era but their music is a definately poppier than most of the Seattle bands. Listening to them makes me wish I could travel back in time 15 years to catch one of their shows.  They even had a member of the band who just danced (with a crazy ass beard, often wearing a dress).

The group included Jody Bleyle (Team Dresch, Infinite X’s) who plays drums and sometimes sings. She’s one of my favorite rock vocalists. While she doesn’t contribute any vocals on either of these tracks her drumming is kick-ass. There’s a whole mess of stuff on youtube. For those who live in Portland you can spot various Portland landmarks (like the east end of the Fremont bridge) in their music videos or find live shows at venues that are long gone (Club Scream). Hope you enjoy!

A – Heida

B – Pop Uncle


1 Response to “Paul: 7″ Saturday…”

  1. 1 EM
    July 20, 2009 at 10:36 am

    let’s have a record party at your place! i wanna see your new set up!

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