Jon: (Belated) Seven Inch Saturday…

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The Star Death – “Feministica”

The Star Death

The Star Death were an amazing three piece feminist punk/noise band from St. Louis. In 2000, back when I lived in Massachusetts, my old band played a show with them at a  music/art collective called The Flywheel. I remember first meeting them and noticing that the singer had a giant Righteous Babe Records (Ani DiFranco) tattoo. Being 19 years old, and therefore a totally smug and judgemental ass, I immediately decided they were lame. Before they started playing I went outside to smoke and planned on not watching them at all.

Luckily there wasn’t a 10-foot-from-the-door smoking law in place yet, so I was standing close enough to the door to hear a snippet of the music leak through. All I could really hear was the bass, but I could tell instantly that something special was going on inside. I put out my cigarette and pushed to the front of the crowd.

What I ended up witnessing was one of the most heartfelt, vivacious, and rocking bands I have ever had the honor of playing with.

After they finished playing, I attacked them with praise and bought all their records, including the following 7″, Feministica.


Song To Save You


1 Response to “Jon: (Belated) Seven Inch Saturday…”

  1. March 12, 2010 at 12:24 am

    i stumbled across this and was pleased to read your thoughts on stardeath.
    i was around during their time as a band and was also lucky to share a stage with them on many different occasions. they often cross my mind (as well as other now defunct local bands such as: johnny …fuck, now im blanking on their name. the drummers’ name was bonnie blue and she passed away years ago, i’m not positive, but i think was one reason they stopped playing ((do you know?)) ) anyhow, yes- the stardeath we’re great. very raw and very honest, pure of heart (music-wise) they really had something special. i was always a little intimidated by the singer (who’s name i’m also blanking on- though i do know it…just can’t remember right this second.) i’m blanking on all their names, which is frusterating, though i was friendly with them all and spoke with them many times at shows we played together and when bumping into them around town. all 3 really cool, smart, fun & funny, talented women. i miss those days. there we’re some really cool, interesting bands playing out. it was a very exciting time that i feel lucky to have seen & been a part of. what was the name of your band?…

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