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Paul: Shelley Duvall hears voices…



I am sure you’ve all been wondering, what the hell ever happened to Shelley Duvall, right?  Well, after the 1994 earthquake in LA she skipped town for good and moved to a tiny town in Texas.  That’s why she hasn’t been in anything worth mentioning since Home Fries.  

Acoording to the Globe, Duvall’s neighbors in Blanco, Texas are concerned about her recent behavior. She thinks that her property is some kind of portal for extra-terrestrials and she walks around all night looking for them.  She also flashes the headlights in her parked car to communicate with them.   They say she walks around town looking like a damn mess, muttering about aliens.  

If this is really true (right now it’s just hearsay) it’s very sad.  Duvall is one of my favorites, she’s always so awkward yet engaging.  Part of me thinks that her neighbors are just talking shit for fun because they’re jealous of her because she’s so much prettier than they are.  I talk to people who are bat-shit crazy all day and almost none of them are this bad. On the other hand, it’s not difficult to imagine her falling apart, is it?  Anyway, hope she is doing okay.  Check her out in this scene from the live-action Popeye movie…


Paul: omg, shopping for records with the vivian girls…


Vivian Girls are one of my favorite bands right now.  They’re about to play in Portland, but  on a Monday night, unfortunately.  If you do happen to have a job that allows you to go out to a show on a Monday night you should check them out:  September 7th at Berbati’s.

and check out their video…


Jon: Seven Inch Saturday…


Moving – The Raincoats


So before I really start, I have to confess that I am cheating a little bit here. These songs are not actually from a 7″, but are taken from the 1984 full length, Moving by The Raincoats. However, there are special circumstances that lead me to breaking the official format of Seven Inch Saturday. But before we get to that, a little back story…

As you have most likely gathered from previous entries in this series, when I was a teenager I pretty much exclusively listen to riot girl, punk, and rock music. It wasn’t that I was purposefully cutting myself off from other artistic ideas, but more so that I was just a dumb teenager who hadn’t yet fully realized how to appreciate music ( which is not to invalidate the music I did like at that age). Lucky for me though, I was a teen in the mid to late 90’s, and eventually had access to the internet. Where previous generations might have poured over Rolling Stone, I was fortunate to have queer punk message boards to read.

Eventually someone turned me on to 70’s/80’s group The Raincoats. I started where most people do by listening to their self-titled (and their only traditionally punk) album. I LOVED it, and immediately bought all their other album. But since I was a dumb teen, I hated them all. They weren’t punk, so I closed myself off to them. Stupid.

Luckily I gave them another shot when I was 20, and realized how amazing they were. Moving quickly won the titled of Best Album Ever in the book of Jon.

Skip ahead a few more years. I only owned Moving on CD, but one day found an unopened mint condition vinyl copy on Ebay. I was so excited. Once I got it, I considered listening to it, but ruled out the idea for fear of marring my treasure. What was the point. I already had the songs on CD right?

Now skip ahead another few years. Paul and I get a new record player. We are going through all of our old records for fun and I decide, “What the fuck? Let’s just play my special Raincoats record already!”. We put it on, and after we are one song in something incredible happens:

This is not the same track listing as the fucking CD!

Some how I had never noticed, but the long out of print LP has two extra tracks! TWO!

They weren’t  included in the 90’s CD reissue for some stupid reason. For me it was like someone had just given me long lost recording of my favorite band. I was blown away!

So, since they are not on the CD and will most likely never be reissued, I thought it would be fair to post them here.


Dreaming in The Past″




Jon: That’s so gay…


So I realize this has been around for almost a year now, but somehow I’ve never seen it before.

I know it’s totally gay of me (literally) but I basically love anything Wanda Sykes says. Is it the voice? I think it’s the voice. Anyway, enjoy!


Jon: Speaking of “Julie and Julia”…


As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I found the movie to be really inspiring, especially in the context of blogging. My posts have slowly devolved into the “here is something I like, click a link!”variety. I have always wanted Gaycondo to be a creative and social outlet that is driven by a combination of both original content and media commentary.

In Julie and Julia, the modern day protagonist Julie Powell begins the regimented project of cooking her way through over 500 recipes in one year as a means to create a stable creative outlet. She has trouble completing long term projects so she sets a deadline and paces herself accordingly. I myself am a big fan of rule based creativity. Maybe it is a result of having a mathematician and theater manager as parents, but I feel like a don’t approach my own artistic creation  successfully unless it is via an extremely structured (dare I even say tunnel vision based) process.

After watching the movie, I immediately started thinking about what type of project would work for my life and blog. It would need to be something that I loved but which I could also portion out and have a defined finishing point. I had several ideas, but they were all either already done (i.e. daily picture of every outfit I wear. yawn.) or were someone else’s idea (i.e. Learning to Love You More). While both were totally doable, neither seemed like something I would feel particularly invested in completing. I wanted not only to inspire myself, but to create something that could inspire others.

And, of course get Gaycondo more readers.

Then what I needed to do became completely clear.

My favorite achievements on this blog have been the two artist interviews I completed. They felt immediately tangible and important. But if I was going to make a project out of interviewing people, I would need a goal. Also, if I was going to be doing regular interviews, I knew it would be important that they were not all with the same types of people (artists), but instead a wide variety of interesting people. So, I came up with this as my project:

Interview 26 different people in alphabetical order within one year.  The starting point for the year long project will be the date of the first posted interview.

My mother (the mathematician) taught me that whenever you make a list, make sure the first item on it is something that is either a.) already done OR b.) something you can finish easily and swiftly. Lucky the first letter of the alphabet is A, which for me is an easy interview to get….


Jon: “Julie and Julia”? Loved it…



Jon: Fantasy Shopping at Opening Ceremony…

jon new logo

Before Paul and I go on our big Mexican cruise this Fall we will be spending one day in out city of departure, Los Angeles.

Don’t be confused though: we hate L.A. just like any other self respecting Pacific North Westener (or Brooklyn-ite for that matter[hi Gaby!]). The only reason we decided to spend the extra day there was to take advantage of the AMAZING shopping opportunities that are unfortunately non-existent in Portland. We plan on going to The Beverly Center, Marc Jacobs, Built by Wendy, Milk, and many more. I am most excited to go to Opening Ceremony for the first time though. The bi-coastal boutique is one of my favorites to drool over online.

Fingers crossed, the following items will all be on sale by October when we get there….


Got any good leads?

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