Jon: Delusional Downtown Divas…

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I may be showing my age a little, but I have to say that my favorite magazine of all time is interview based Index Magazine which stopped publishing in 2005. Though many of them are nearly 9 years old, I still regularly read interviews from my collection of old issues. I actually think that really says something about how well done Index was that it still feels relevant this many years later. The magazine is hard to find, even on ebay where issues sell for about $10 a pop. Luckily, you can read every interview they ever did for free at there website.


 Not much new content is ever added to the website (even though it technically never stopped being “active” after the magazine went under), but I did just find out about an online TV show they started called Delusional Downtown Divas. It is hilarious and somehow has not  gone viral yet, though I’m sure it will. This show seems particularly topical for Gaycondo seeing as we just added feminist/fashionable/artistic Brooklyn correspondant Gaby Moss as our newest writer. 

 Most of the episodes are on youtube as well as the Index site, but I’ll start you out here with episode #1.  You might want to grab a pen and paper, as this is one of the most quotable  online videos in recent memory….


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