Jon: OMFG. Team Dresch and Erase Errata at Rotture September 19th…

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So I just found out that Team Dresch and Erase Errata will not only both be playing as part of MusicFest North West, but that they will be playing together. To top it off, the show is scheduled at Rotture. This is a ridiculous venue choice seeing as Rotture is way too small a venue for either band, even playing by themselves. Both bands on the same bill will totally sell out that club, something I’ve never experienced there before. It might end up feeling claustrophobic, but the experience of seeing Team Dresch in such a small space is going to be mind blowing.

I’m pissed though because a MFNW pass costs $60, but this is the only show I really have any interest in going to see. Honestly, MFNW is kind of a shitty music festival. There will be individual door tickets available as well, but they are very limited so that people with full passes can get in too. My plan is to bust my ass over there as soon as I get off work that night at 7pm and just wait outside till the club opens. Anyone want to wait with me?

I was looking for Team Dresch live videos of youtube to post. There are about a million, but they ALL have shitty sound. Someone (*ahem, Em and Beth, ahem*) should ask Rotture if they can mic the sound straight off the board if they video the show.

Anyway, here is Team Dresch performing Screwing Yer Courage at the Knitting Factory:

Click below for a live video from Erase Errata….


1 Response to “Jon: OMFG. Team Dresch and Erase Errata at Rotture September 19th…”

  1. 1 gaycondo
    August 16, 2009 at 8:25 am

    You should come up to Seattle to see them and we’ll buy advanced tickets!

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