Last night a few friends and I headed down Portland’s gritty downtown rock n roll club, Roseland, to see the Dead Weather. I had been obsessively listening to their debut record, Horehound, on vinyl for the past month and was totally excited to see them rock in the flesh!

The local weeklies didn’t seem too excited for the show and wrote them off as a super group novelty (rightfully so, with Jack White and his entourage of members of the Kills, Racouteurs and Queens of the Stone Age) whose songs were hastily written and rushed recorded… Some fact can be held up to that as the band united, wrote and recorded their album in a matter of weeks. However, I feel the songs are solid, packed full of energy and heat – characteristics that sometimes can only be found in a fresh, spur of the moment recording session.

Needless to say, the show was packed but my girl posse managed to find a sweet spot in the upstairs balcony bar with a view of the entire stage. Alison Mosshart howled like a madwoman – her stellar performance and confidence oozing all over the stage floor. The inspiration took me back to when I was in middle school seeing my fave femme fatale idols such as Shirley Manson perform. I couldn’t help but hope there were some young girls up front totally getting whip lashed with female empowerment and possibility as Mosshart crossed over into rock star behavior traditionally limited to men.

The night was a huge success and the Dead Weather provoked howls and hollers from their audience, encouraging them to rock harder and harder. They even did a 3 song encore and ended with my favorite song!


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