Jon: Speaking of “Julie and Julia”…


As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I found the movie to be really inspiring, especially in the context of blogging. My posts have slowly devolved into the “here is something I like, click a link!”variety. I have always wanted Gaycondo to be a creative and social outlet that is driven by a combination of both original content and media commentary.

In Julie and Julia, the modern day protagonist Julie Powell begins the regimented project of cooking her way through over 500 recipes in one year as a means to create a stable creative outlet. She has trouble completing long term projects so she sets a deadline and paces herself accordingly. I myself am a big fan of rule based creativity. Maybe it is a result of having a mathematician and theater manager as parents, but I feel like a don’t approach my own artistic creation  successfully unless it is via an extremely structured (dare I even say tunnel vision based) process.

After watching the movie, I immediately started thinking about what type of project would work for my life and blog. It would need to be something that I loved but which I could also portion out and have a defined finishing point. I had several ideas, but they were all either already done (i.e. daily picture of every outfit I wear. yawn.) or were someone else’s idea (i.e. Learning to Love You More). While both were totally doable, neither seemed like something I would feel particularly invested in completing. I wanted not only to inspire myself, but to create something that could inspire others.

And, of course get Gaycondo more readers.

Then what I needed to do became completely clear.

My favorite achievements on this blog have been the two artist interviews I completed. They felt immediately tangible and important. But if I was going to make a project out of interviewing people, I would need a goal. Also, if I was going to be doing regular interviews, I knew it would be important that they were not all with the same types of people (artists), but instead a wide variety of interesting people. So, I came up with this as my project:

Interview 26 different people in alphabetical order within one year.  The starting point for the year long project will be the date of the first posted interview.

My mother (the mathematician) taught me that whenever you make a list, make sure the first item on it is something that is either a.) already done OR b.) something you can finish easily and swiftly. Lucky the first letter of the alphabet is A, which for me is an easy interview to get….


1 Response to “Jon: Speaking of “Julie and Julia”…”

  1. August 27, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Oooh, exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing what you write, old friend.

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