Nickey: I’m just going to say it

Nickey Robo

As a former Chicagoan, I’m really glad that Chicago didn’t get the olympics.

The olympics are almost always a terrible political boondoggle that cost cities an enormous amount of money and do not create jobs. Boosters always like to claim they do, but there’s no long term evidence of this. It took Montreal over 30 years to pay off the debt created by the 1976 Olympics. It also creates a way for cities to enforce draconian “security measures” on their citizens.

Here’s a fun idea! How about now that they’ve been rejected, Chicago takes all those hundreds of millions that the Olympics would have cost and creates the greatest international art festival the world has ever seen? Or, if the goal is fostering international understanding, we bring together the greatest intellectuals from every country on earth and solve all the worlds problems? These are ideas I can get behind!


photo by Daquella manera

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2 Responses to “Nickey: I’m just going to say it”

  1. 1 gaycondo
    October 2, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    there SHOULD be an olympics for the arts…

    i think youre on to something here

  2. 2 Chris
    October 3, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Hah, I know a CURRENT Chicagoan who said he’s
    glad they didn’t get it. Really, who wants that
    crap going on? The athletes all stay in “Olympic
    Village,” so they don’t even co-mingle with the
    population (probably cuz, ya know, terrorists will
    kill their ass if they went anywhere; HAPPY WORLD
    UNITY SPORTS FUN TIME!), so really, what’s the point?

    I think it puts waaay too much pressure on athletes.
    Like there are athletes who win the gold every year
    at the between-Olympic stuff, but then some random
    shit happens at the Olympics and they lose, and… I
    dunno, I think some people think it’s GOOD that they
    get all this pressure on them, but I think it’s kinda

    One thing I DO like, though, is curling during the winter
    Olympics. Curling is great. It should be on EVERY weekend
    on TV. It’s better than baseball or hockey.

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