KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: BEST ALBUMS OF 2009: Where The Wild Things Are : Soundtrack

An odd choice for Best Album of 2009 just snuck in…. in form of a children’s album.

I’m excited to see Where The Wild Things Are when it hits theaters later this month. I’m guessing it will be one movie this year that will justify paying $10 to see on the big screen.

And of course I was beyond thrilled to hear that Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is responsible for the movie’s soundtrack! My imaginary child will definitely be receiving this album in their music collection.

Karen O and the Kids (an all star entourage featuring members from YYY/The Raconteurs/Dead Weather/Deerhunter/Gris Gris/The Bird and the Bee as well as a charming childrens choir) will hopefully be school yard heros with their soundtrack (which thankfully is not a huge green booger!) In fact, this album is more fun than my memories of recess!

The songs manage to remain playful and kindergarden friendly whilst sustaining a professional-sounding ochestration that even those who know how to tie their own shoes can appreciate.

Listen to “Capsize”:

Karen O’s crackly, whimsicle voice often sounds like a kid going through pre-pubescent turmoil and is leveled with cutesy folk-pop acoustic guitars and tamborines on many of the songs.

“Capsize” sounds like it could be an outtake of of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s It’s Blitz with call and response chants with children, electric guitars and a determined snare march. “Worried Shoes” is a melancholy lullaby with clunky vibraphones and airy piano notes and sounds like it could be the inner thoughts of a kid who just licked their ice cream off the cone.

Some of the songs are darker in nature which leads me to believe this movie isn’t going to be targeting any cry babys. The primal track “Animal” begins with growls and children begging for mercy before it dives into a swamp of yelps, screetching acoustic guitars, tribal-esque shakers and bone rattling beats ending in howls.
Listen: “Animal”

I’m excited to see how the music plays out in the movie itself. I think we’re in for a real treat this October.

Watch a fan made trailer with Karen O and The Kids hit, “All Is Love”:



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