Jon: “Generation A” by Douglas Coupland…


gaSo, I know it’s kind of 90’s and juvenile of me (like saying Catcher in the Rye is your favorite book), but Douglas Coupland* is my favorite fiction author of all time. I just found out that he has a new book conveniently coming out in in time for Christmas. I want to read it immediately, but since I am having a hard time thinking of things I actually want/need for presents this year, I’m trying really hard to not buy myself these things once they occur to me… So, no copy of Generation A for me till December 25th.

From what I can gather, the book takes place in the near future when all the bees have died (you’ve heard about how that’s happening, right?). A few young people become famous when they are stung by miracle bees that somehow survived the extinction. I’m a little confused by the next plot point, but apparently they are then rounded up by the government and brought to a secret island and forced to tell stories or something. I’m sure it will make sense in that absurd Coupland-esque way.

For now, I’m just enjoying some of the teaser video’s on youtube that his publisher has put up. I especially like the following one where Coupland is locked in a room and forced to answer questions from an unseen robot lady. There are unfortunately these stupid fake commercials scattered throughout the interview which I recommend just ignoring….



*never heard of him? I immediately order you to go out and read the following four books:

1.) Life After God

2.) Girlfriend in a Coma

3.) All Families are Psychotic

4.) Miss Wyoming


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