Paul: Music Video Monday…


Kleenex – Nice


1 Response to “Paul: Music Video Monday…”

  1. 1 Chris
    November 16, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    Classic band. Sorry that they had to change their
    name from Kleenex to LiLiPut (damned fussy thing for
    Kimberly-Clark Corp. to do, bugging a punky lil Swiss
    band like that)(that’s why I’m a Socialist; you know,
    the govt should have intervened and told K-C to go
    get bent).

    I’m a big fan of disco merged with rock, and NOT JUST
    the post-punk movement, Mo-Dettes, Kleenex, Bush Tetras,
    etc., but also the MAINSTREAM disco-rock movement of
    1977-80, such classics as:
    The Eagles, “The Disco Strangler”
    Exile, “Kiss You All Over” (actually a disco-rock-country-pop
    crossover; you CAN’T crossover much more than that!)
    The Rolling Stones, “Miss You”
    ” ” ” “Dance (part 2)”
    ” ” ” “Emotional Rescue”
    (There are other Stones ones that are borderline, punky-disco
    like “When the Whip Comes Down,” “She’s So Cold,” but I’m only
    going to count ones with actual disco high-hat moves by Charlie
    Watts. The first two listed above are on the Rarities CD where
    Jagger says, “Oh, we didn’t do disco, we played punky rock on
    Some Girls. ‘Miss You’ was the only disco we did.” Well, there’s
    TWO on that CD alone, so he’s clearly lying, and I’m not even
    mentioning the funk-rock that the Stones did in the 70s… but
    hey, that’s fine, I SUPPORT the disco-rock and funk-rock, I’m
    not against it, but ya know, Jagger shouldn’t lie to us like
    we’re Jerry Hall and he’s like, “Honest, honey, I didn’t shag
    that bird in South America!” and she’s like, “The DNA test of
    the baby says it’s YOURS,” and he’s like, ‘Hominahomina…” I
    mean, OWN UP to your love of disco, Jagger (if not your South
    American mistresses).
    The Alan Parsons Project, “Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You”
    Rod Stewart, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”
    …and so on…

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