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Horribly cheesy but to good too resist the following statement: Throwing Muses = my new muse. Last November, a friend with impeccable music taste related Swallows to early Throwing Muses after our Ground Kontrol show, inspiring my curiosity in the band. I plugged them into my Pandora playlist and fell merciless to the feet of Kristin Hersh and the gang (not that my band reaaaaallly sounds like TM but I can see the comparison).

Since then I have been pretty much obsessed in small doses. I am still a long way from hearing the entire Throwing Muses catalog. Currently, I have only heard tunes off of their indie-polished, University and an earlier record Jon bought me for Christmas entitled The Fat Skier. The latter is more raw, edgy and sporatic while University glides along in a produced psychedelic wave.

What I find so interesting is the band’s dedication to putting out music for decades. It is interesting to see the different eras of the band and how the musicians have changed and grown together.

Witness, “Bright Yellow Gun” circa mid-nineties television show

In this early performance on a UK television set, Kristin Hersh screams like a maniacal Laura Palmer and discusses the difference between cerebral and “gut” music


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