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Nickey: Compare and contrast!

Nickey Robo

Lady Gaga has gotten a lot of attention for her over-the-top bullshit fest from last weeks VMA’s. At first I was going to write about Gaga vs. Courtney Love and the meaning of authenticity… But then I realized that my thoughts were getting too complicated for this blog and I wanted to write a longer essay. So! I encourage you to watch both these videos in rapid secession and draw your own conclusions.

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Paul: omg, shopping for records with the vivian girls…


Vivian Girls are one of my favorite bands right now.  They’re about to play in Portland, but  on a Monday night, unfortunately.  If you do happen to have a job that allows you to go out to a show on a Monday night you should check them out:  September 7th at Berbati’s.

and check out their video…


Jon: Is this Ice Breaker Ad Fucked Up?

For those not in the know, Icebreaker is a New Zealand/Portland based clothing company that sells athletic and outdoors garments made entirely of merino wool. Their clothes are pretty expensive and definitely out of my price range, put in all fairness they are very well made.

I work near their Portland store, so I frequently find myself staring in their windows and looking at their hard to miss, larger than life advirtising. They have branded themselves via eye catching photo ads full of sexy, naked gym bodies and mythological archetypes. Most of them, though a little porny, are fairly innocuous. However, there newest Summer 2009 advirtisements caught my eye as appearing to be, well, kind of racist and sexist.


Maybe it is just me. I do spend a large amount of my day staring at these ads out the window of my work. However, at risk of coming off as an over analytical liberal, this image seems to play off of the stereotype of the brutish African beast, and the diminutive, helpless, milky white female. They remind me more than just a little of that Vogue cover that everyone got worked up over recently. 

Am I crazy? What do you think?


Paul: Hello Kitty Wedding…

…that guy is totally gay.


Paul: Kim Gordon designs a Collection for Urban Outfitters…


…and it’s pretty mediocre.


Gordon’s new line Mirror/Dash shares it’s name with a Sonic Youth side project. While I only have the utmost respect for Kim Gordon herself, the clothes are just so so. There are a few pieces that are nice, but none of it’s very impressive. Perhaps it would have been better to do a line elsewhere that was more expensive. As far as I am concerned everything produced for Urban Outfitters is poorly made and poorly fitted. It’s Forever 21 quality, but it costs roughly 3 times as much, and once you wash something it never looks the same.

Apart from the quality,  if you watch the following video she says her inspiration is Francoise Hardy and other 60’s French singers. I am sorry, but I just don’t see it (with the exception of the one on the far right). While I don’t have much nice to say about the line, she looks fantastic. I hope I look as hot when I am 55.

On a side note, I was looking for photos of pieces from her old line X Girl but couldn’t find any. If someone knows where they are please let me know.


Jon: Another great argument against cosmetic surgery….

…wierd old lady implants.


via a blog in delay


Paul: Give a Model Herpes…

…well, sort of.


 A blogger named Geek Graffiti created this site where you can download a file to print a sheet of cold sores on adhesive paper. You then cut them out and stick ’em on any ad you like. This is a little east-coast centric because we don’t have any subways in Portland, but I am sure that it would easily work on ads on MAX trains or bus shelters. It always makes me giggle when a tagger has dared to climb up a bilboard and spray-paint semen on the face of model for make-up or some other such shennanigans. This is the same thing, only a lot safer! Visit the site and get to work people!

Got any good leads?

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