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Nickey: I’m vlogging!

That kind of sounds like a new disease, doesn’t it? Ohhh, I was up vlogging all night, and I feel awful!

Anyway, it’s not. It’s a video blog! I’ve been in Seattle since last August working at the awesome nonprofit video production program for teen girls, Reel Grrls. My coworker Maile and I have been talking about doing a vlog of our rambling pop culture convos for a long time… And so we finally did! In this video we discuss Bristol Palin and her new anti-teen pregnancy PSA.

If you want to see more of Reel Grrls, be sure to check out our new and improved Grrl Blog!

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Jon: (Belated) Seven Inch Saturday…

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The Star Death – “Feministica”

The Star Death

The Star Death were an amazing three piece feminist punk/noise band from St. Louis. In 2000, back when I lived in Massachusetts, my old band played a show with them at a  music/art collective called The Flywheel. I remember first meeting them and noticing that the singer had a giant Righteous Babe Records (Ani DiFranco) tattoo. Being 19 years old, and therefore a totally smug and judgemental ass, I immediately decided they were lame. Before they started playing I went outside to smoke and planned on not watching them at all.

Luckily there wasn’t a 10-foot-from-the-door smoking law in place yet, so I was standing close enough to the door to hear a snippet of the music leak through. All I could really hear was the bass, but I could tell instantly that something special was going on inside. I put out my cigarette and pushed to the front of the crowd.

What I ended up witnessing was one of the most heartfelt, vivacious, and rocking bands I have ever had the honor of playing with.

After they finished playing, I attacked them with praise and bought all their records, including the following 7″, Feministica.


Song To Save You″

Jon: Target Women- “Snapped”…


Gaycondo super friend and occasional guest blogger Nickey Robare is going to be meeting (!!!) Target Women creator Sarah Haskins (!!!!!!!) this week at a conference in NYC. She is going to (attempt) to be Gaycondo’s first news correspondent by scoring an interview with Haskin’s for the blog.

If you could all cross your fingers right……..about………………………….NOW!…………………. it would be fantastic.


Jon: Target Women, “Skin Care”…

For a while Sarah Haskin’s internet show, Target Women, has been…well…not as good as it used to be. She seemed to be falling back on easy laughs while diminishing the level of intelligent critical commentary. However, based on this new episode, Target Women appears to be back on track…


Jon and Beth: Dreams of “Skinzwear”…

We were drinking some cheap wine and discussing some of our plans for the (hopefully) soon to arrive warm weather. To help in visualizing just how we would be enjoying our upcoming summer beach/river excursions, we decided to look at bathing suits online. We stumbled upon what is maybe the best/worst website ever, Basically it is a weird sex clothing store for people with no taste that is masquerading as a “swimwear” shop.

Here are our choices for this summer from the fabulous skinzwear collection. We both decided to stay classy and go with a modest one piece…




Jon: Target Women…

Gaycondo super friend and sometimes guest blogger Nickey recently turned us on to an awesome web show called Target Women. In each Episode host Sarah Haskins (who reminds us more than just a little of cable host heart-throb Joel McHale and early 90’s feminist teen inspiration Clarissa)) humorously and intelligently reports on the ways in which women are negatively portrayed in gender targeted advirtising. We love all of her segments, but we all agree that this piece about Yogurt (uh-ow! Leisha Hailey from the L-word) is particularly amazing….

For more videos, keep reading…

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Jon: The movie that changed my life…


I first saw the film “All Over Me” when I was 15, and though I wouldn’t say it is my favorite movie of all time, it is most definitely the one that has had the greatest impact on me as a person.

For those of you that haven’t seen it ( and I know all you radical fags and fagettes have), All Over Me tells the story of Claude, a butch-ish 15 year old girl struggling with her queer identity, and her straight best friend Ellen, who is falling into a black hole of drugs and abusive relationships. Claude, of course, is secretly in love with Ellen, and the two navigate this complicated relationship against the backdrop of Hell’s Kitchen, a very bad neighborhood in NYC. There world and relationship is changed forever when they become involved in the murder of a local queer musician.

There is a lot of drama and crying and awkwardness of course, but that is not really what mattered to me when I was fifteen. Luckily, I had great parents and was very well adjusted and okay with my queerness. Very little drama involved. So, it wasn’t the queer storyline  that really changed something inside of me.

What changed me forever was the musical exposure that I was given by All Over Me. It was how I discovered Helium, Sleater-Kinney, Geraldine Fibbers, Babes in Toyland, The Amps, and The Murmurs. Finding these bands started me thinking about feminism, politics, queer theory and modern art. They gave me the nudge I needed to discover other bands like Team Dresch and Bratmobile. Basically, the soundtrack to this movie helped me to become a pretty fucking awesome, smart, and confident queer teen. I know that who I am today is the result of a clear trajectory started my queer/feminist/altenative rock music of the mid-nineties.

Here is and idea I had today but will most likely by apethetic about following through on:

ALL OVER ME soundtrack tribute/cover night!

Four bands each cover 3-4 songs off the soundtrack and all the proceeds go to SMYRC (a portland queer youth non-profit). Of course my band Swallows would play. Local lesbo heartthrobs and 90’s rock lover’s Sick Sick Sister would certainly be invited as well… who else?

I feel like a ton of other queer people my age had a similiar experience with this film, so the night would be bound to succeed, especially here in Portland.

If it actually happens, I totally claim the song “Dragon Lady” by The Geraldine Fibbers. Here is the video:

I would love to see Sick Sick Sister perform “Hello” by Babes in Toyland:

If you have any memories of All Over Me I would love to here about them in the comments….

Got any good leads?

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