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Nickey: I’m vlogging!

That kind of sounds like a new disease, doesn’t it? Ohhh, I was up vlogging all night, and I feel awful!

Anyway, it’s not. It’s a video blog! I’ve been in Seattle since last August working at the awesome nonprofit video production program for teen girls, Reel Grrls. My coworker Maile and I have been talking about doing a vlog of our rambling pop culture convos for a long time… And so we finally did! In this video we discuss Bristol Palin and her new anti-teen pregnancy PSA.

If you want to see more of Reel Grrls, be sure to check out our new and improved Grrl Blog!

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Paul: Brad Pitt Running For Mayor of New Orleans…


…”on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform.”

brad pitt for mayor


Paul: Barack Obama finally moves on gay rights…


but I am still skeptical.


Is anyone else totally over Barack Obama? ?? Up until now he’s hasn’t done a single thing for gay people, and his administration has actually supported discriminatory policies he promised to end.

I am encouraged to read that Obama is set to sign a Presidential Memorandum extending benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees.  I work directly with federal employees at my job, and I know a lot of them are gay and are going to benefit greatly from this. 

I have to wonder though, if all it took to make this happen is drafting a memo, why the f@#* wasn’t it done on day one? I would have guessed that sort of thing would have to go through congress. The details are supposed to be released tomorrow, I am anxious to see how extensive they will be.

It is well past time for the administration to move on DOMA, don’t ask don’t tell, federal employment laws, etc.  These are no longer popular policies, he promised to support them and should man up and do so.


Paul: George Tiller killed…


… I have been trying to aviod politics lately, but the murder of Kansas abortion provider has really shaken me. I understand that people have very complicated views about abortion but in my opinion Tiller was a hero. He continued to perform late-term abortions in spite of anti-abortion groups targeting him for decades and inflicting what can only be called domestic terrorism.  His clinic was bombed in the 80’s, he was shot in both arms, and the threats against he and his family were so bad he often wore a bullet proof vest in public.

Late term abortions in this country happen when it is medically necessary, and for fear of their safety there are hardly any Doctors who will provide them. Before today if you lived in Portland and needed a late term abortion Tiller’s Wichita clinic was the closest place you could get one. In spite of what people think about abortions, the procedures that Dr. Tiller performed were lawful and saved a lot of women’s lives.


Paul: Obamas to pay for White house renovations out of their own pockets…


…Does this mean they can do whatever they want???


It certainly is admirable that they aren’t going to use tax-payer dollars allotted for new Presidents to make renovations. There are also numerous historical societies that make donations to buy things to furnish the house. For instance, $74,000 was donated for Laura Bush to buy china. I am sure that money must come with some stipulations, but can the Obamas redecorate any way they see fit? I mean, if they’re using their own money who is going to stop them?

I can just imagine all the gawdy crafts and ugly wallpaper there would be if my Stepmother were in Michelle’s position. I would totally put up some dirty Robert Mapplethorpe prints. I think that the Obama’s should make everything sleek and modern. At the very least they should do something a little bit different and subversive. As the very first non-white residents, and the first with urban roots in ages, they need to leave their mark….

Perhaps a fresh coat of black paint?


Paul: A Reason To Rethink Your Bad Feelings Toward Joe Lieberman???

..the former Democrat to co-sponsor federal Domestic Partnership Bill.


Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) is introducing the bill, but frankly it is a very small step in the right direction. She’s the only lesbian representative currently in Congress. An identical version of the bill in the senate is co-sponsored by Lieberman and Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine (a gay-loving New Englander? why doesn’t she just switch parties already.) The bill is not gay marriage or anywhere near it. There are howwver benefits for federal employees and their same sex spouses, a posistion that is already taken by pretty much every state and municipality worth inhabiting.

The real benefit is that gay couples would be eligible to recieve their spouses Social Security benefits in certain situations. What I don’t get is that as far as I can tell Social Security Disability benefits aren’t mentioned in the bill, only retirement. Straight couples married for at least ten years are eligible for Disabled Widows benefits drawing of their deceased spouse’s account if they become disabled and can’t work. Straight married couples also are eligible to become a substitute party for their spouse who dies if they have a Disability case pending at the time of their death.

I hope a lot of these things are hashed out as the bill is debated, but I think it’s a bit misleading to call it a Domestic Partnership bill because that implies that it’s allowing something akin to marriage. This bill grants a very small benefit and should be doing a LOT more. Baldwin seems to understand this:

“I know that as the author of this measure,” Baldwin said, “we have to continue to educate for both marriage equality and equal employment benefits for domestic partners, and it’s important in that educational process to have the facts about how the current state of inequality affects those in same-sex partnerships.”

That said I think that we’re undoubtedly ready for this bill. Most people favor extending basic benefits like these, and those who oppose it are just going to look like bigoted assholes. If a tiny gesture like this can’t pass we’re in a heap of trouble.



Paul: Pepsi & Rockstar Energy Drink Boycott…


I don’t really do energy drinks anymore, but I did from time to time a few years back.  They all taste like vile, sugary yack-piss anyway, but at least with Rockstar you’d get more than 10 ounces for your 2 bucks. As if you need another reason not to drink the shit, I just learned that Rockstar is part owned by conservative radio host Michael Savage.

Savage is practically a nazi. He routinely refers to gays as “sodomites” and says that we should all get AIDS and die.  While discussing Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels’ wedding he had this to say: “I don’t like a woman married to a woman. It makes me want to puke…I want to vomit when I hear it. I think it’s child abuse.” We need to stand together and say, “Your energy drink makes me want to puke!”

His radio show is consistently loaded with racist, sexist, and homophobic content. I can’t believe stores even carry his shitty energy drink based on the foul things he says. Even worse, according to the Advocate, Pepsi has recently entered a distribion deal with Rockstar. Tell your friends not to drink any of their shit either. If everyone who strongly disagrees with Michael Savage’s fucked-up world view participates in the boycott I think there’s no doubt that Pepsi and anyone else will rightly discontinue doing business with this asshole.

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