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Paul: The Lollipop Generation…


I must see this film.

This was apparently filmed sporadically over 13 years and includes Vaginal Davis, Jena Von Brucker, and Calvin Johnson. It looks fantastic. If you have a copy or know how to get one you’re my new best friend.


Jon: Gay Cruise Update….

jon new logo

Regular Gaycondo readers have heard more than their fare share of boring news about me and Paul’s big gay cruise to Mexico this Fall….but, whatever. I’m over excited about the still 5 months awayvacation, so that’s what I’m going to blog about, deal with it.

First and foremost, I have officially purchased the first of two inappropriate bathing suits I plan to bring along with me for the trip. So here it is, my stupidly over priced Aussie Bum bathing suit:


There is a ridiculously over dramatic promotional video for this particular style ( 70’s meteorite!) as well:

In other cruise news, today I discovered a website where people going on upcoming cruises can post their photos. It’s honestly kind of amazing. Here are some of my favorites:



…being gay…


…can be totally…




Beth: Making fun of the homophobic….


If you are reading this blog most likely you aren’t a homophobe. If you are though, then realize you may be my next target. I’ve always wondered what the best way to deal with those crazy folks who you see every year at GayPride protesting and telling everyone they’re they are going to hell.

How do you deal with a nut job like that?

I’m not into shouting back at people like that, it always feels like a waste of time and they aren’t going to change their minds anyway. With a simple poster board and sharpie, you can really stick it to ’em if you find yourself in this sort of situation.

As follows is an awesome picture I just found on the internet, I actually stole it from a friend’s MySpace.

I’m considering making one just in case I get the opportunity. I am also trying to think of other clever sayings that would make for good posters for chasing around the homo-haters. Leave me a comment with any good ideas.



Jon: I have a new blog!

I decided to start a new blog as a side project to Gaycondo. It’s called

Stuff Queer People Like

My new blog will take a humorous  anthropological look at queer culture. And you’re right, I am a total copy cat. So sue me. (please don’t actually sue me).

I decided to put the first post on this blog as well in order to wet your whistle, but if you want more you’ll have to go to:



Amy Sedaris

Though most queer people would have you believe that they are empathetic and politically correct, truthfully they all adore off color jokes that derive there humour at the expense of marginalized peoples. IN FACT, their overriding liberalism is how they justify this love affair with the offensive. They are so liberal, that of course they can clearly spot harmless irony! Any marginalized group will do….

Fags? Why Not!

Retarded People? Go for it!

Black people? Hell yes!

Jews? For sure!

Women? Duh!

It is important to always remember that the acceptablity of this humour exists in direct relation to the general awkwardness of the lady comic that is making the jokes. Use of make-up, prosthetics, and baggy clothes to enhance awkwardness is also acceptable in queer culture.

Don’t forget, it is never ok to talk to a queer person jokingly about this style of humor unless you are either: a.) queer b.)straight but not white c.) a petite spunky jewish girl and/or redhead.

The important thing to keep in mind is that a veil of minority solidarity is being used here. Queers need it in order to pretend that laughing at racist/able-ist/sexist/homophobic/anti-semitic/size-ist/pro-addicition jokes is about solidarity and togetherness instead of just making fun of stereotypes and minorities. 

Expect this argument to be used if you intend to question a queer person on the appropriatness of their laughter. It is impossible to argue against minority solidarity, so it is advisable that you simply change the subject.


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