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KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: WK Cool Hunting in Portland

One of the top advertising companies, Wieden + Kennedy, has a web series detailing Portland’s underground music scene entitled “Don’t Move Here”. Besides taking a look at bands everyone already loves [ahem, Explode Into Colors, Atole, Grouper, Valet, etc], the web series takes an insider look at Portland music culture and it’s enthusiasts. From people favoring mix tapes, to independent records labels this show will inevitably (and ironically) attract more and more people to our cool little utopia of independent diy music making).

Watch the trailer:

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KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Because You Care…Episode One

My room mate, Kayla Tabb, has started a new webseries that is destined to go viral with the homos (you may remember her from Muffin Top fame).

Her new show is called Because You Care and features every day hilarity in her life.

Watch Episode #1:


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Dogs are gayer than cats!

Former gaycondo housemate, Beth, has a new obsession: everything Dog.

Dogs = the new cat.

Dogs = the new queer pet of choice.

In this video you will see what I mean.



WARNING: The video you are about to watch may take you to another place….A place called Mesopotamia. UH!



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Hipsters make their cats hipsters too at Hipster Kitty


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Sergeant Sparrow Records

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Sergeant Sparrow Records is a DIY inspired zine envisioned by Angel Russell. It is currently based out of Martha’s Vineyard but covers music from all over the United States. Each zine is printed and notes the creativity of musicians making music from their own bedrooms and beyond. In addition to music reviews and interviews, each zine is accompanied by a CD featuring work by the selected artists….providing a soundtrack as you flip through the pages. We were lucky enough to catch up with Angel and discuss her project, the future and musical ponies.

Miss Russell and sidekick, Charlie

1. What inspired you to start Sergeant Sparrow?

I finished my first album ” Sunken Ships and Parlor Tricks” and wanted to release it myself, so I thought, why not make a little label to release it. That led me to want to do more with the label but because I don’t have a ton of money I thought what is the next best way to expose people to new music? And I came up with the magazine/cd compilation idea. In most mainstream music magazines you only get to read about an artist through glossy editing and images. You have to go elsewhere to hear the music. So, I thought it would be a cool idea if you could hear the music while you were reading the articles. I also wanted to set up the interviews to be question/answer so you would get to hear the voice of the artist unedited, direct from the musical ponies mouth. I don’t think musicians are ponies, but I did refer to Bryan Cecil (Y-Tron) as a magical electric pony rider. Then because I know what it is like to be a starving musician I decided I would help the featured artists out by making the magazine a non-profit. 100% of profits go to support the featured artists.

2. Describe the meaning behind the name.

David Attenborough informed me in the life of birds that Sparrows live in flocks and have a hierarchy. They refer to this through the usage of General for the big “I’ma gonna eat your bread first because I’m bigger an Meaner than you”, and the Sergeants, “Ok dude your right go ahead and eat it, I’m quite fond of my eyes thank you” birdies. I thought Sergeant Sparrow had a ring to it.

3. What types of music interest you? Any specific genre?
I love all types of music. As a musician I find that you can hear new and interesting sounds through whatever genre you are listening too. You just have to have an open mind. I love hearing the way people put parts together, and their instrumentation choices, I am more interested in arranging I suppose and less interested in lyrics. I go through phases where I get super excited about different genres. When I finished my first album I was obsessed with klezmer and Gypsy Jazz. I went from that to Soul after I got my hands on a compilation by Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels. Amazing. Then that somehow led me to Electro pop and lately I have been listening to what those around me have to offer because of the magazine. It is a really rewarding experience because I get to feature them in the magazine and really sit down and find out how their creative energy works.

4. How do you find the artists you feature in the magazine and on the compilation.

For the first issue a lot of the artists I already new from playing music all over the country in various bands and moving a lot. The same is true about the second issue as well, but what is different is that I have approached artists I don’t know personally and they have been very supportive of the endeavor. Their involvement has led to more interest through word of mouth, so the amount of artists I can feature is growing exponentially which is very exciting. My intention from the get go was to expose people to new and exciting music, especially from their own backyard. I want to show them artists they might not have heard before but deserve to be noticed. My other main objective is to give these artists a voice, a platform to show and talk about their work. This is not limited to music either, I include in each issue illustrators, painters and photographers. And in the second issue there is a short story.

5. Why did you decide to do an old fashioned paper zine/burned CD as opposed to creating an online blog or digital composition?
I produce a paper copy of the magazine that has a compilation Cd of the featured artists music attached inside and a pdf version with mp3’s online. So, I am trying to reach both those who get their information online and those who appreciate hard copies. The magazine is starting out as the Martha’s Vineyard Music Magazine because that is where I live currently and a lot of my local readers read the paper and local magazines here so I do have a market for that. I also believe there is still something to holding a tangible item in your hands that you can see, touch, smell and eat should you feel so inclined… Because it is also in CD format I can put better quality files of the songs on the disc. as opposed to MP3’s

6. What’s next for Sergeant Sparrow?

I, Sergeant Sparrow, will continue to spread the music, art and voices from artists all of the country, and now the world. There is an artist from England in our next issue. I am currently working with my editor Cooper Davis to find a team that will be able to execute our ideas. I’m a little hesitant to discuss them as I don’t want to jinx anything, but we are working on better, bolder layout, printing, stories, articles and more collaborates and volunteers. I will continue to find new artists to introduce to people. And I also have two radio shows on the local radio here, yet another platform to give unknown artists a voice. I have featured artists on the air as guests that play and talk about their music with listeners. You can listen to my shows online at and if your on MV you can tune in to 93.7 LP FM tuesdays 10-12am and thursdays 1-3pm eastern time.

Check out more from Sergeant Sparrow records and purchase the magazine at


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Agent Ribbons Past Us To The Past

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Our dearest lady friends of Agent Ribbons are giving us a sneak peak to their new album, Chateau Crone with an incredible music video for “Dada Girlfriend” directed by Chelsea Wolfe. The music is stark and somber and is matched with an eerie music video that blasts us back to a simpler time of avant-guarde silent films.

A work of art on everyone’s behalf

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