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KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Beangrowers… Tragically UnHeard Of


The Bean Growers sprouted up in the Mediterranean isle of Malta and come forth with the fruition of catchy pop hooks and spacious keyboards whirling through the lips of a maiden.

Check out their new music video for “Not in a Million Lovers” featuring some intensive photo animation.


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: The Dø…Tragically Unheard Of


Listen while you read:

Hello from my new music writing headquarters! Though I have been m.i.a in my writing endeavors, I have been doing a ton of music research, buying records and finding out about all sorts of new music which will hopefully filter into the written form in the not too distant future…

My new room mate David turned me on to a French-Finnish duo called The Dø whom I bet will be the next hot shit on the indie street scene once they become known in the States.

thedo1The adorably clad Olivia B Merilahti and Dan Levy take their name from the first/last note of the famous singing scale popularized in by Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music and have the potential to become the leading soldiers who will rejuvenate the mid 90’s femme alt-rock scene.

Merilahi’s girlish voice at times sounds broken as it winds atop grounded bar chord progressions – imagine Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino singing a tune off of PJ Harvey’s Stories Of The City, Stories Of The Sea. Meanwhile, Levy – whom has been credited working on film soundtracks – adds aerial orchestrations with his mad skillz.

Besides the storytelling of one lady’s lost love and inevitable resentments against the male species emotionally filtered through alt-ballads and minimalist folk arrangements, The Dø deviate into discotheque worthy jams such as the opening track off of their 2008 debut, A Mouthful, called “Playground Hustle”. The song contains a boisterous riot of school children which attempts to breakdown the gender roles of young children and permit boys to play with dolls and for girls to question the adult patriarchy.

Check out an incredible live version of The Dø’s Playground Hustle and hear more music !!!

Recommended if you dig: The Knife, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Liz Phair




A couple years ago a few friends and I went on a journey to Eastern Washington for the Sasquatch Festival to see Bjork. Besides seeing my favorite artist of all time it was one of the best experiences of the year. It was my first real music festival and we camped on the grounds, didn’t bathe, ate packed lunches and downed bottles of wine and rum amidst other vices. It was kind of like our own little music movie and we were all the stars. I would say the camping experience was more enriching than the actual music festival itself – a festival with NO re-entry, $10 24oz Coors cans and over priced fatty foods with thousands of people held captive to see their favorite artists. However, waiting inside the festival for 10 hours just to see Bjork was a bit trying on my patience.

That’s why when I saw this years lineup I was really excited since many of my favorite new artists are playing! (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Santogold, The Dodos, Grizzly Bear, Beach House)

However, Sasquatch was pretty smart evil when they arranged the lineup of the show as all of the main artists I would drive 5 hours to see play on separate days….FYI – festival tickets are over 70 bucks a day! After having moved across town and having friends who are getting laid off left and right it probably isn’t the most financially welcoming experience…so unfortunately, a girl will have to dream…if only we were all rich and could drop a few bills on this because it really is a wonderful time.

I guess I will just have to watch videos of The Dodos until they come through Portland on their own ride:


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE :: Siren Nation video doc!

I am super excited to present my 15 minute documentary on Siren Nation.

Siren Nation is a festival that showcases the achievements made by women in art, music and film! This documentary shines light on the music portion of the festival and includes interviews with performers, organizers and incite from the audience members!

It also features live footage from Scout Niblett, Laura Veirs, Northern State, The Trucks and more! Check it out!



THE TRUCKS :: Tragically Unheard Of

Piggy backing on Jon’s latest concept of “Tragic Zombies” (bands who break up before their time), I wanted to share my video montage of The Trucks from Siren Nation….Turns out their performance at Siren Nation was their last Portland show before they broke up last week!

So sad! I’m not really sure what caused the breakup but they were on their waaaay, man! The Trucks are sweethearts from Bellingham, WA. They blend cheeseball Casio beats with acoustic drums, dance worthy synths with plenty of tounge n cheek attitude combed over with a post riot grrrl vibe. It is such a shame they broke up before more little girls could look up to them and be inspired to rock out.

Anyways, here is the footage! If you look close you can see Kristin’s awesome feminist outfit tied together with tampons!!!


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Tragically Unheard Of :: Scout Niblett

For those who miss early Cat Power, Kurt Cobain and PJ Harvey: Scout Niblett has arrived on her sadhorse to save the sincerity of music. Her grim howls make the hairs on my arm stand erect. Here is some video footage I took of her this past weekend at the second annual Siren Nation Festival here in Portland:


KEEP IT ON THE BROWNLOWE: Tragically UnHeard Of…Mattress

For the past few months, I have been using all of my music writing creativity for a local paper…. Recently, I attempted to write a semi-critical review of a local Portland artist, Mattress. Unfortunately, my words were edited in a way that made me sound like a big asshole in print. It certainly wasn’t my intention and half of my original piece was cut out….BOO!

Anyways, that is my “so so sorry note” and the original piece (half of which wasn’t even published):

“Watching Rex Marshall perform in his one man band, Mattress, sort of feels like watching someone try to pull off their favorite Joy Division tune at karaoke towards the brink of last call. This comparison isn’t to suggest that Marshall’s stage persona isn’t entertaining. His reckless flail certainly invites voyeuristic eyes. It’s just that occasionally the lines are blurred between his own innovation and paying musical homage to his idols and their legacy. Luckily, Marshall’s desperate baritone howl signals sincerity in his effective hair raising mantras. In a captivating tune called “El Dorado”, Marshall’s emotional authenticy reaches a resonant peak as he passionately blows into a discordant harmonica. Overall, I would definitely recommend a Mattress show over the karaoke underworld any day.”

Watch what I’m talking about:

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