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Nickey: I’m vlogging!

That kind of sounds like a new disease, doesn’t it? Ohhh, I was up vlogging all night, and I feel awful!

Anyway, it’s not. It’s a video blog! I’ve been in Seattle since last August working at the awesome nonprofit video production program for teen girls, Reel Grrls. My coworker Maile and I have been talking about doing a vlog of our rambling pop culture convos for a long time… And so we finally did! In this video we discuss Bristol Palin and her new anti-teen pregnancy PSA.

If you want to see more of Reel Grrls, be sure to check out our new and improved Grrl Blog!

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Paul: The Palin Plot Thickens…


…how long until she drops out?

As much as I would love to see Palin continue as McCain’s VP pick until November, I seriously doubt she’ll last more than a week or two at this point. I mean seriously, Biden would rip her ass to shreds in a debate. If you haven’t heard, her 17 year old daughter is knocked up and there are serious questions about whether the Alaska Governor is really the mother her 4 month baby, Trig (btw, isn’t that kind of a fucked thing to name a baby with down syndrome?). Check out this picture from DailyKos:

                      In this photo, Palin is supposedly 7 months pregnant

                      Pregnant, or food-baby???

I don’t care how much you hunt polar bears and ride snow-mobiles or whatever, if you are seven months pregnant there is no way you can look like this. She’s a liar.

Now they are saying that because the 17 year old daughter is currently 5 months pregnant there is no way that she could possibly be Trig’s mother. I guess we’ll be paying close attention to when her new baby is born, won’t we? This is all way too Maury Povich-esque for a Presidential election. What was McCain thinking?

The hypocrisy of this is rediculous. Obviously as a conservative evangelical Palin wasn’t going to talk to her daughter about contraception or anything outside of the abstinence script, but after the first baby you’d think she’d take some action to keep it from happening again. If the rumors are true Bristol Palin had her baby at 17, and promptly got herself knocked up again. Even Jamie-Lynn Spears is smarter than that.

If you ask me, the moral thing to do in this situation would be to get your kid an abortion ASAP. I don’t think it’s fair to tell a 17 year old that they have to get married just because they fucked up and got pregnant. If Palin/Alaska schools would teach kids about contraception and safe sex a lot of these messy situations could be avoided altogether.

As much as I am entertained by this story (and how it makes McCain look like an idiot) the better part of me hopes Palin will step out of the race and go away. This is too much of a distraction. There are too many important issues in this election to dwell on this soap opera. Palin should probably rethink her value system and parenting style, because obviously it doesn’t look like it’s working. With all of  this on top of questions about her involvement with indicted, scandal-ridden Senator Ted Stevens and her messy situation with the ex brother-in-law State Troper she should have been smart enough to turn down the offer to be McCain’s running-mate.

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