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Jon: Patti Smith Live on WBAI (1975)


When I was 18, like most productive young people from not particularly interesting rural towns, I left my hometown. Four hours north of New Jersey, I set roots in a small artistic city in Western Massachusetts. This was in the midst of a more fervent period in my obsession with Patti Smith, who I felt a certain kinship with because she was from a not so fantastic small town in N ew Jersey as well.

I didn’t really have many friends right away, but I got along okay. Early on I met an older woman who just happened to be named Patti (or so she said), and though she was a little spacey, we got along well because she was also obsessed with Patti Smith. She had had a head start  on me though, since she was so much older, and had amassed a pretty impressive collection of Patti Smith audio and visual treasures. Patti was always bringing me exciting little gifts like photos she had taken herself in the 70’s, old ticket stubs from shows, and bootleg cassettes she copied from vinyl.

My favorite recording she ever gave me was of a very early live radio performance by Patti Smith on New York radio station WBAI. It was so old in fact, that the band hadn’t even recruited a drummer yet! All the tracks were either never recorded in a studio, or they were really wierd/different early versions of songs that were later recorded. The best part was the stories that Smith told between songs. Amazing. Though Smith and I were both from New Jersey, we didn’t have the same accent (she was from deep south Jersey), I remember being so jealous of her voice and wishing I too had the same inflections when I talked. Sometimes I would even try and fake her accent, but it just sounded like I was drunk.

I listened to my cassette of that show so many times that it eventually fell apart. I have been looking for another copy (vinyl hopefully) with no luck. For some reason it didn’t occur to me till today that these songs might be on youtube.

They are.

Make sure to listen all the way through for the stories after each song! Unfortunately only about a third of the show is posted on youtube, but hopefully there will be more to come…


Jon: Seven Inch Saturday…


Moving – The Raincoats


So before I really start, I have to confess that I am cheating a little bit here. These songs are not actually from a 7″, but are taken from the 1984 full length, Moving by The Raincoats. However, there are special circumstances that lead me to breaking the official format of Seven Inch Saturday. But before we get to that, a little back story…

As you have most likely gathered from previous entries in this series, when I was a teenager I pretty much exclusively listen to riot girl, punk, and rock music. It wasn’t that I was purposefully cutting myself off from other artistic ideas, but more so that I was just a dumb teenager who hadn’t yet fully realized how to appreciate music ( which is not to invalidate the music I did like at that age). Lucky for me though, I was a teen in the mid to late 90’s, and eventually had access to the internet. Where previous generations might have poured over Rolling Stone, I was fortunate to have queer punk message boards to read.

Eventually someone turned me on to 70’s/80’s group The Raincoats. I started where most people do by listening to their self-titled (and their only traditionally punk) album. I LOVED it, and immediately bought all their other album. But since I was a dumb teen, I hated them all. They weren’t punk, so I closed myself off to them. Stupid.

Luckily I gave them another shot when I was 20, and realized how amazing they were. Moving quickly won the titled of Best Album Ever in the book of Jon.

Skip ahead a few more years. I only owned Moving on CD, but one day found an unopened mint condition vinyl copy on Ebay. I was so excited. Once I got it, I considered listening to it, but ruled out the idea for fear of marring my treasure. What was the point. I already had the songs on CD right?

Now skip ahead another few years. Paul and I get a new record player. We are going through all of our old records for fun and I decide, “What the fuck? Let’s just play my special Raincoats record already!”. We put it on, and after we are one song in something incredible happens:

This is not the same track listing as the fucking CD!

Some how I had never noticed, but the long out of print LP has two extra tracks! TWO!

They weren’t  included in the 90’s CD reissue for some stupid reason. For me it was like someone had just given me long lost recording of my favorite band. I was blown away!

So, since they are not on the CD and will most likely never be reissued, I thought it would be fair to post them here.


Dreaming in The Past″




Jon: Queer looking UK singer La Roux makes my faggy heart flutter….

jon new logo

I googled like crazy trying to figure out if La Roux singer Elly Jackson was a homo, but couldn’t find anything one way or the other. I’m generally pretty good at spotting other fags though, and she reeks of it!

Either way, I can’t get the new single “Bulletproof” out of my head. It totally reminds me of a grown up version of all the basement lo-fi queer dance music I used to party to when I was 15….. Anyone remember the OG Panty Complex? Anyone?

ps: I love how bored and apathetic she looks the whole time. Someone get this girl a runway coach ASAP!

thanks to the folks at Digging to China for the tip!


Patti Smith on Youtube…

So, Em and I are getting ready for the upcoming Patti Smith tribute concert here in Portland. It is a fundraiser for Siren Nation (a NW women’s music festival), and we will be joined on stage by about 7 other performers. We will be doing three covers. One is done (“Distant Fingers”) one is half done (“Ain’t it Strange”), and one isn’t conceived of at all yet….

Anyway, the search for inspiration lead me to Youtube. I had a hard time finding video taped performances of the particular songs I was looking for, but I did find a couple interesting ones I hadn’t seen previously. Check it out.


Jon: Gaycondo just got a little but gayer…



Jon: Sam Sparro interview and performance on ROVE…


I think I’m in love. I’m not normally so into Top 40 club songs, or really dance music in general, but I just can’t get enough of Sam Sparro’s hit song “Black and Gold”. Plus, how hot is that chick with the electronic drum kit? I wish I had one… Any crazy Gaycondo stalkers wanna buy me one?

Those shoes really are pretty great too….

Part One (Interview)

Part Two (Performance)

I don’t normally get huge crushes on celebrities. Honest to god. But come on! He’s well dressed, talented, and he has a fucking cat named Helen Keller! Give me a break! How can any respectable fag NOT be in love with him?


Paul: Michel Gondry and Bjork


…paint piano.

I can’t decide whether this idea is genius or stupid and pretentious . Michel Gondry has directed a number of Bjork’s unarguably amazing music videos, and it is interesting to hear her compare his neurotic style to that of Woody Allen towards the end.

Got any good leads?

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