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Jon: Perez Hilton interviewed by Chelsea Handler….

I hope you all are religously watching Chlesea Lately, the only worthwhile late night talk show since Conan O’brian stopped trying. Last night she had a fantastically catty interview with Perez Hilton which, though I don’t really like him, is totally entertaining.


Paul: Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Perez Hilton…

…they tell them to read Gaycondo instead.

I am so tired of this overexposed jerkoff. I hereby vow to never read his crappy blog again. What’s really upsetting is that he is one of the most powerful gays out there. I mean, who else is as prominent in the media, Ellen? I can’t really think of many others. I understand that to carve out a place in mainstream media you have to be subtle about gay issues, but his posts are laden with homophobic undertones and he is constantly gushing over straight celebs, their relationships, and their children. Personally I am soooo over straight people getting married and having babies. I mean, is there anything as played out as that?

What really did him in for me was this post. Of all people why does the big gay blogger have to be the most mean spirited about the fact that Lindsay Lohan is in a same sex relationship. If he were at all responsible he would defend her. He repeatedly refers to Samantha Ronson as “saMAN”. So she’s not femme, that’s not a reason to trash her. It would be inappropriate to gay bash him for being too flamboyant or faggy, and trashing her appearance and clothing is not a bit different. I think that it screams internalized homophobia. He has millions of readers who are overwhelmingly straight, and when they read him making comments like that they percieve that it’s okay to talk the same way.

His position in the media gives him a rare opportunity to open up positive discourse around queer issues, like Ellen did by grilling McCain on gay marriage. Unfortunately he has failed to do so, and as smart and responsible homos/allies I think we should all be done with his sorry ass.

Got any good leads?

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