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Jon: Enid Crow’s “Happy Workers”…




NYC photographer Enid Crow’s newest body of images continue to be based around playing with the contortion of her own self image. However, she has pushed her own personal artistic boundries within this format into new territory by choosing to create self portrait characters that are (seemingly) happy. In her previous series, most notably the Disaster photographs, her characters were caught in what is perhaps the worst moments possible: the moment immediatly preceding tragedy.  In Happy Workers, Crow has instead chosen to comment on life, and the choices we make (or are forced to make) about how we spend 40 hours a week of that time. The characters are not having tragedy happen to them, instead it would seem that there happiness is the tragedy.

Each of the image in Happy Workers is a “snap-shot” of an employee melodramatically smiling in front of their place of employment. Included below each photograph is an overwhelming positive quote from the character about the job they do. Most of the jobs Crow has chosen to base an image around would be considered lower end jobs (retail, server, blue collar). Crow gives no commentary about whether these images are meant to be read as a positive, scathing, or a simply sarcastic response to the current conditions of most working class jobs. Based on the almost cartoonish nature of most of the images as well as the unrealistically perky wording of the quotes though, it would seem that Crow’s commentary falls more with the latter.

To see the entire collection of photographs, head over to Enid Crow’s website.

To read an article I wrote for Gaycondo about her previous series, click here.

ec1  ec5  ec3  ec4

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Jon: Meet Freddy 9…


To find out exactly who Freddy is, check out the first post of the series here.

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28.) “Freddy packed his suitcase. He would like to make a trip. Can he come and see you?”

29.) “Three strikes you’re out. Freddy likes to play ball. Grandma is the pitcher and Grandpa is the catcher.”

30.) “Freddy doing what little boys do.”

31.) “Freddy trying to get Darland’s attention (Grandpa’s).”

32.) “Andy is sitting in Freddy’s chair. He is telling him about how to plant and grow watermelon.”


Jon: Meet Freddy 8…


To find out exactly who Freddy is, check out the first post of the series here.

To see all of the posts, click the link in the bar to the right.

24.) “Do you know that this is Grandpa? He told Freddy that it was too cold for him to help deliver the papers.”

25.) “Freddy said ‘I can draw a picture.’ Look what he drew. Do you like to draw?”

26.) “Andy came over to play with Freddy. He let Freddy wear his fireman hat. Freddy will let him sit in his chair next.”

27.) “Grandpa and Freddy think it is funny for Freddy to put Grandma’s bra on his head.”


Jon: Sage Sohier’s “Almost Grown”…



I’m usually not a huge fan of straight forward portaiture, but Sage Sohier’s series Almost Grown manages to strike a resonant emotional chord for me in spite of its stark simplicity. The series is comprised of images depicting parents posing with their on-the-cusp-of-adulthood children. The majority of the images create a visual triangle of spectatorial gazing, where in one of the subjects stares at the camera (and therefore at us, ther viewer), while the other model gazes almost longingly at their familial partner in the image.

This not only creates a visually dynamic image, it also creates a physically dynamic experience for the viewer, who immediately feels personally involved in the obvious emotional connectivety taking place.

These images expolore both the unbreakable connections between family members, and the necessity to at some point, and to a certain degree, sever those connections.

You should really go to her site and look at more of her photographs….CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!


Jon: Meet Freddy 7….


To find out exactly who Freddy is, check out the first post of the series here.

To see all of the posts, click the link in the bar to the right.

21.) ” ‘Merry Christmas to everyone!’ says Freddy. He wonders what is in the pretty box. Do you know?”

22.) “Grandpa and Freddy made a snowman. Do you think he looks like Grandpa? Freddy is so tired.”

23.) “Freddy likes to play hide and seek when it is too cold to play outside. Look! Grandpa found him. ‘There you are.’ “


Jon: The Return of photographer Liz Wolfe…


Long time Gaycondo readers may remember this post  or this other one I did about Canadian photographer Liz Wolfe. She has been one of my favorite’s to watch for the past couple of years, but it has been kind of a bummer lately because she has not not updated her website with new work in ages.

Lucky for us, today she finally did! Not only did she add 14 new images (including the two featured below), she also built an online store which she has been talking about doing for years. The store has two different sets of ten 6X8 images for sale for a measley $100. That is only $10 per image people! 

The groups are divided into two common themes in Wolfe’s work: Sugar and Creatures. These are open editions, but I would still pounce on these amazing opportunities to own Wolfe’s original art at a fraction of her normal gallery prices. Based on my experience with the last time she tried her hand at an online store (I bought some pieces from her and then *poof* the store was gone a week later. I was lucky with my timing.) this venture may be over any day now.


Bunny with Candy, 2008

Popsicle, 2008

To see more just CLICK CLICK CLICK!


Jon: Meet Freddy 4…


To find out exactly who Freddy is, check out the first post of the series here.

To see all of the posts, click the link in the bar to the right.

12.) “Freddy has a tricycle. He likes to ride it around and around the house. He must not go a long way down the street.”

13.) “Do you like to go on a picnic? Freddy does. There are a lot of good things to eat in the picnic basket.”

14.) “No Freddy! Do not use the sweeper on the sidewalks. Please use the broom indtead.”

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