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Nickey: I’m vlogging!

That kind of sounds like a new disease, doesn’t it? Ohhh, I was up vlogging all night, and I feel awful!

Anyway, it’s not. It’s a video blog! I’ve been in Seattle since last August working at the awesome nonprofit video production program for teen girls, Reel Grrls. My coworker Maile and I have been talking about doing a vlog of our rambling pop culture convos for a long time… And so we finally did! In this video we discuss Bristol Palin and her new anti-teen pregnancy PSA.

If you want to see more of Reel Grrls, be sure to check out our new and improved Grrl Blog!

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Jon: Correlation?

Regardless of Obama and Mccain’s individual  positive and negative political aspects, obviously many circumstantial qualities came into play for voters when deciding on whom to elect. There was Mccain’s age, Obama’s name, Palin’s sexy legs, and Biden’s zombie like personality. The most powerful of all though was the fact that Obama is black.

But how much of an effect did  this really have on voters? I think the following maps make a really compelling case that, at least in the bible belt and non-coastal south, race was a big deal breaker for several white voters.

This first map shows all the places in country where people voted for a Republican candidate in greater numbers this election compared to 2004. So basically, the red parts are where people who voted for Kerry in 2004, but Mccain in 2008 live as well as areas where large numbers of first time Republican voters reside.  



This second map displays where in the country the largest concentration of black people live. The red areas are the most densely populated.


There are a lot of ways of interpreting this data, but it is undeniable that the two maps seem to fit together like puzzle pieces. To me this is strong evidense that race played a big part both in how people voted, and how urgently they felt the need to register for the first time.



Salacious McCain Campaign Photo…

…I saw this and simply had to share it.

I think the photographer must have known what he was doing, it's just so well composed.


Paul: Projected Electoral Map…


…I am totally going to check this every day until November.

With the convention going on I’ve found myself in full-on political junkie mode again. I was pretty much glued to the Huffington Post and DailyKos back in the primaries and I am feeling myself getting sucked in again. At least at the current projections, this map helps me sleep a little bit easier.

It adds up all the state-by-state polls and to give you a visual, educated guess at what the outcome would be if the election were held today. You can also see the most recent blog posts and news stories about the election.


Paul: Angelina Jolie Is Not As Smart As You Think…


…could she really endorse McCain???

According to this article from the Huffington Post, Angelina Jolie is still undecided about whether she’ll vote for McCain or Obama. I don’t get “swing” voters. I think that most of them are not very smart, they pick canididates based on stupid shit like who they’d rather have a beer with. I mean, seriously, there is very little consensus on the issues between these two candidates. Not being able to decide which one you prefer suggests that you probably aren’t very politically literate.

Ms. Jolie says that she wants to hear more about what each candidate will do for refugees and poor children in foreign countries. Personally, I am more interested in what we can do for poor kids in this country. It seems like a thinking person would also want to consider heathcare, the enviroment, the war in Iraq, the right to choose, gay rights, the symbolism of finally electing an African American, etc.  

Still, if you want to follow her whole single-issue logic, it doesn’t seem like ongoing war with Iraq, Iran, and who knows were else would be very good for children there. The really sad thing is that both campaigns are aware of her indecision and are courting her for her endorsement.


Paul: Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Perez Hilton…

…they tell them to read Gaycondo instead.

I am so tired of this overexposed jerkoff. I hereby vow to never read his crappy blog again. What’s really upsetting is that he is one of the most powerful gays out there. I mean, who else is as prominent in the media, Ellen? I can’t really think of many others. I understand that to carve out a place in mainstream media you have to be subtle about gay issues, but his posts are laden with homophobic undertones and he is constantly gushing over straight celebs, their relationships, and their children. Personally I am soooo over straight people getting married and having babies. I mean, is there anything as played out as that?

What really did him in for me was this post. Of all people why does the big gay blogger have to be the most mean spirited about the fact that Lindsay Lohan is in a same sex relationship. If he were at all responsible he would defend her. He repeatedly refers to Samantha Ronson as “saMAN”. So she’s not femme, that’s not a reason to trash her. It would be inappropriate to gay bash him for being too flamboyant or faggy, and trashing her appearance and clothing is not a bit different. I think that it screams internalized homophobia. He has millions of readers who are overwhelmingly straight, and when they read him making comments like that they percieve that it’s okay to talk the same way.

His position in the media gives him a rare opportunity to open up positive discourse around queer issues, like Ellen did by grilling McCain on gay marriage. Unfortunately he has failed to do so, and as smart and responsible homos/allies I think we should all be done with his sorry ass.


Jon: Mass Transit Politics and the Homeless…



The other day I was riding the train to work in the morning. Sitting down and reading the new David Sedaris book, I was suddenly startled by an angry commotion. I snuck a peek over the pages of my book and saw that the rabble was coming from two homeless men who had worked each other up into a passionate political discussion. I began to secretly eavesdrop:

Hobo1: This country is going right down the crapper!

Hobo2: It sure is! Those republicans are ruining everything!

Hobo1: Yeah! Ever since Bush was elected, everything has gotten fucked up!

Hobo2: Shit yeah!

Hobo1: Fucking shit !

Hobo2: I just registered to vote. My opinion will be heard this fall!

Hobo1: Me too! Watch out Washington, the democrats are coming!

Hobo2: Republicans need to crawl back under whatever fucking rock they came from!

Hobo1: That Republican son of a bitch Obama it gonna get what’s coming too him!

Hobo2: Mccain and the rest of the Demorcrats sure will turn this country around! 

Hobo1: Vote Democratic! Vote McCain!

Hobo2: Down with that Republican Obama!


I was in shock. How could a person possibly be so worked up about something that they clearly knew absolutely nothing about? Should I correct them? Or just hope that some one else clues them in before they throw away their vote this fall?

In the end, I followed the usual public transit social order and didn’t make eye contact or talk to anyone…

Got any good leads?

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