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Jon: Sam Sparro interview and performance on ROVE…


I think I’m in love. I’m not normally so into Top 40 club songs, or really dance music in general, but I just can’t get enough of Sam Sparro’s hit song “Black and Gold”. Plus, how hot is that chick with the electronic drum kit? I wish I had one… Any crazy Gaycondo stalkers wanna buy me one?

Those shoes really are pretty great too….

Part One (Interview)

Part Two (Performance)

I don’t normally get huge crushes on celebrities. Honest to god. But come on! He’s well dressed, talented, and he has a fucking cat named Helen Keller! Give me a break! How can any respectable fag NOT be in love with him?


Jon: I succumb to the magic that is Sam Sparro….


…even though it goes against my better judgement.

Reasons that I like this song that are in opposition to my normal opinions on music:

  1. Music that relies entirely upon a catchy repetitive chorus.
  2. Placing more artistic value on it based solely on the fact that the artist is gay.
  3. Completely unoriginal song structure.
  4. Being tricked by a flashy video / sexy men.

But damn! I like me some Sam Sparro!!! Come and join me at the guilty pleasure party!

Got any good leads?

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