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Dear readers,
Sorry for the hiatus on the blogosphere…. Jon and I have been very busy with band stuff and we are proud to announce the release of our latest album!




“Between the Sea and Sky is a surprisingly rich-sounding album, with the band’s elastic Electrelane-like grooves shifting seamlessly into knottier riffing and prog-rock complexity.” – Portland Mercury

“Portland’s Swallows—purveyors of jangly, spiraling guitar progressions that remind of Television and Rainer Maria, albeit laced with a distinct riot grrrl edge. The duo’s latest effort, Between the Sea and Sky, throws back to the cassette tape era with a playful lo-fi aesthetic that never feels cutesy or forced.” – Willamette Week

“On the album’s anthem, “When They Come to Us,” vocalist Em Brownlowe holds an even tone and sings carefully over a bed of toms, “When they come for us they’ll come to our door / And they’ll peek inside / And all they’ll find is love.” Brownlowe, 25, and drummer Jon Miller, 27, who both identify as “queer,” explain the song is a reaction to legislation against same-sex marriages. But had they said it was about Tibet or the Spanish Inquisition, that would have been believable, too. The song’s simple lyrics and melody make it universal and subtle — qualities of most good protest songs — and the fact that it draws its strength from the humble confidence afforded only to those who are right in any struggle makes it beautiful.” – Jason Simms, The Oregonian

“Their new work demonstrate a mastery of controlled intensity, with compositions meditating on a modality and building in force and intricacy into bold poetic landscapes.” – Crappy Indie Music Blog


Jon: Ugly Glass…

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When I was 20 years old, I wrote a short book called Ugly glass. A couple of land masses. I don’t know which one is real. It was probably the most exhaustive creative effort I have ever undertaken (which includes two other books, and 10 cds),  and maybe my favorite thing I have done so far in my life. It’s weird because I don’t think that anyone I currently know has ever read it besides Paul and my oldest friend Nickey. At this point, I only have one copy of it (I sold the rest) and no digital records. I keep meaning to do something about that, but then not doing it instead. The book is experimental literature that largely relies on heavy computer formatting, which makes it really easy to be lazy and not type up. Honestly, I don’t even know if I could at this point.

When I was 22 I made an audio representation of a part of the book. I say “representation” because the way the book is written, most of it can’t really be read out loud in a natural way. I wanted to make a recording of the way I always imagined it being experienced in the head of a reader. The recording was done on a Tascam 4-track using my voice and Em’s keyboard. I didn’t really know what I was doing, so it took me a long time to complete, but I am really happy with the way it turned out.

The following recording was part of a long out of print E.P. my band Swallows put out years ago.


Jon: “Language Is Restless (y-tron remix)” music video…

Sorry about the lack of (non-Sam Adams related) in depth blog posts from me lately. I have been putting a lot of my online creative energy into a project Em and I (a.k.a. Swallows) are doing to prepare for our upcoming music video. We are creating a dance video for the Y-Tron remix to our song Language is Restless off of “Cloud Machines”, our album from last year. It is going to feature several dancers from all over the world performing their original choreography to the song.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the first of many perfomers to submit their dance for the video. We will eventually have about ten of these to work with, which we will compile together into one video….


SWALLOWS: Remix Sneak Peak

Hello everyone! We are super excited to announce the pre-release sneak peak of “When You’re In Love” with Remixes by Y-TRON single! Please download + keep his down n’ dirty beats and listen to more of his work!

01. When You’re In Love :: Original Swallows version
02. WHNYRNLUV :: Y-TRON’s Ripped Out Single Edit
03. Language Is Restless :: Y-TRON’s Booty Earthquakes Remix
04. WHNYRNLUV :: Y-TRON’s Ripped Out Remix (extended version)
05. WHNYRNLUV :: Y-TRON’s Spaced Out Remix
Artwork (300dpi)

[To save on a PC: right click and save. On a Mac, click the link / Go to File / Save Page As]

This digital EP is a sneak peak at the upcoming Swallows remix collection, Loud Machines, featuring more from Y-TRON, Radio Sloan (featuring Team Gina), Raised by Television, Sea Otter, Pallaton, The Artificial Sea and a couple of surprises from Swallows! This collection will be shared as a digital album through MINI LIFE and possibly a short run of physical copies for you to have and to hold.



Tragically UnHeard Of
Band O’ the Week….
Gaycondo’s very own…..

[DISCLAIMER :: I know, I know. It is awkward that I am doing a “Tragically UnHeard Of” spot on my own band…but it had to be done some time or another. Regular Tragically UnHeard Of features will resume shortly]

As we draw closer to the five year anniversary of Swallows being a band, here are some of the rad things that have been happening to Swallows recently.

Swallows has always been into reinventing their favorite pop songs. They most recently covered three Dolly Parton songs at the 3rd Annual Dolly Parton Hoot Night. Songs include “The Bargain Store”, “I’m In No Condition” and “The Seeker”. Check out a live video: which was held May 31st in Portland, Oregon to benefit a festival called Siren Nation, which celebrates music/art/film made by women.


Since the beginning, Swallows has taken a postmodern approach to music making. We tend to string together bits and pieces of music from different sub genres of rock, producing a newly contextualized sonic space. On Swallows debut full length, Me With Trees Towering we used this technique to reintroduce the Mamas and the Papas classic, “Words Of Love”.

Listen to the original version of “Words Of Love” sung by Mama Cass:″

Listen to Swallows post-millennial rock revision, if you love it go buy the album:″

Over the past year, Swallows has been collecting remixes to feature on an upcoming Swallows Remixed EP. Radio Sloan decided to rework Swallows “Words Of Love” cover into a sexy dance mix featuring the lovely ladies of Team Gina! Swallows loves post-postmodernism!



SWALLOWS: ATTN: Portland People


ATTENTION PORTLAND PEOPLE…and those of the greater NW who wouldn’t mind driving to Portland:

Swallows (Jon/Em) would LOVE to invite our loyal gaycondo readers to our big show this weekend. We are playing with some incredible acts including Agent Ribbons, Cat Fancy! and DJ Nate C. There will even be two burlesque performers, Moxie Stunner and Starla Silverstein, doing some sexy dances during a Swallows song and an Agent Ribbons song. Best of all? The next day is Memorial Day, therefore, those of you who have regular, non-service industry jobbi-jobs can stay out late and party!



This Sacramento duo churns out a sassy and sultry blend of 50s pop, cabaret and even a little Patsy Cline country through a garage rock sound that gets a crowd going. -Ian Schuler, MINI LIFE

LISTEN to “Obituary”:


Swallows is one of those cute-as-a-button indie bands with which the Northwest is so abundantly blessed. Describing and labeling a band’s music is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall, but Swallows is roughly branded as experimental indie-pop with a post-riot grrrl vibe. – Just Out Magazine
LISTEN to “Wait Until Dark” :


Portland local, Cat Fancy!, makes lo-fi feminist space trash channeling British riot grrrl legend, Huggy Bear.
LISTEN to “One Lump Or Two”:


Spinning an eclectic mix of indie, rock, pop, experimental and metal with an emphasis on female artists.

Featuring 2 Burlesque performers doing live choreography!!!:


Ms. Silverstein is fortunate to have her performances choreographed posthumously by the great Agnes DeMille, channeled through a talented local medium. Tonight, she will be doing a live performance while Agent Ribbon plays their lonesome prostitute waltz, “La Noche”.


Fluent in many styles including ballet, jazz, modern, & lyrical, Ms. Stunner will heat up the room with a live dance to Swallows’ queer anthem, “I’d Like To Be Your Man”.


Jon and Em = Music Makers of Gaycondo

Our pseudo-famous band, Swallows, just got a little love from Portland’s popular music blog, LocalCut. They were interested in the back story to our favorite recorded work, “Twilight’s Last Hour” for their Cut Of The Day column. Feel free to go there, download the track and then write a really nice comment about the song on their blog. Thanks toots!

You can also support our awesome record label, Church Of Girl, by purchasing a copy of our Ep, Cloud Machines.

We also joined forces with MINI LIFE so you can download + keep selected songs, remixes and live video!


Got any good leads?

gaycondo [at] yahoo [dot] com

We Are In A Band!